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    1. Mariano says:

      This party called my office number then cell phone as if it were urgent, but left no message.  Typically those who create the greatest urgency have the least value.

    2. Ned says:

      Have had calls from this number many time throughout the day and evening up untill 11.30 pm and i have a young child who has been woken by this silly caller. Could anyone advise who they are soo i can be removed from the data base thanks

    3. Marlon says:

      This number has just come up on my phone screen. Long distance - I don't answer and wait for a message and no message is left. I wish to report it. I'm located in Montreal, Quebec. 1-250-962-7716 Country: Canada Location: British Columbia

    4. Adalberto says:

      It's True! We are giving away iPad2's to the first 1000 mobile users that go to http://cellprizesnow.com enter code 8372 to qualify

    5. Jewel says:

      I do no know who this number belongs to. When I try to return the call, the connection simply stops. Stop calling.

    6. Clement says:

      Adam its cory frasure...u got some kill?

    7. Blair says:

      I have been getting calls from 302-729-2500 and want them stopped. I will complain to donotcall.gov and report them as harassing me.

    8. Eugenio says:

      Someone left a message that said, "Don't take your feet away"...???

    9. Quincy says:

      Receive a a call almost every night but i'm on a NO CALL list.

    10. Logan says:

      I have gotten a call from this number for several days now and it is very annoying to listen to dead air. Some one suggested that I google this number and now I can see that I am not the only one being annoyed.

    11. Jude says:

      They keep calling leaving no message but will hang up if you answer.

    12. Ross says:

      I received a call from an unavailable # telling me I had been approved for a $7000 government grant.  I called (206) 201-2191 and was told I would have it wired to my account, but i was supposed to send a two hundred and some dollar fee first.  This raised a red flag so I decided to look up the # and found this posting.  The name at that # was Nelson Webb.

    13. Hung says:

      Called asking to speak to someone id never heard of. Coast collection agency.

    14. Andrew says:

      I received a call from 916-134-5678 stating that legal documents were going to be delivered to my address and that someone needs to be there to receive them.  I was given a 866-598-2246 and a case # .  I did call the 866 # and got a recording saying to hold on to get the operator and give them the case #.  I did not hold on, I hung up immediately.

    15. Brandon says:

      Called me a bunch of times. Do not know how he/ she got my number.