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    1. Hayden says:

      This is a realtor with The Morley Group in Huntsville, AL

    2. Raymundo says:

      Pinnacle financial, debt collector

    3. Julius says:

      I got a call from this number on Mar. 5 @ 9:44am Do not call registery

    4. Nolan says:

      Have received several calls from this number.  Caller ID says Pontiac, MI.  I don't answer if I don't recognize the caller.

    5. William says:

      I received a call from this number twice around 8pm  on two seperate nites, I didn't pick up so the answering machine did, at the tone a mans voice just says testing testing one, two, three and then hangs up.  It was te same voice both times.

    6. Wesley says:

      Received @ 6:46pm February 8th, 2007

    7. Perry says:

      We keep getting calls from this number also, but they hand up when the answering machine comes on.

    8. Albert says:

      I keep getting obscene threatning phone calls from this number. The woman who calls threatens to hurt me and when she's done tourturing me I will be begging for her to kill me. Then she says her and her posse will take me and put me in a box and burry me alive. She says her only disappointment is she won't be able to see my fear when I realize I have no chace. She said she will enjoy hearing me scream and beg for help that will never come. I know that I don't know this sick person, but I am frightend. I will be changing my number and praying that this woman has the wrong number.

    9. Sid says:

      Telemarketing trying to sell stuff

    10. Dino says:

      Scammers! Do not answer or respond!

    11. Elden says:

      All they said was -- "uh - hi" and hung up

    12. Jospeh says:

      5 Calls today from this number!  Get a life!

    13. Hal says:

      Lplo kk ii u unavailable ".2

    14. Boyd says:

      Got hte same # on my phone... Found this info on another site hope it helps....

    15. Stanton says:

      I had a vehicle listed and got text from this number (207-370-5195), asking all the questions one would normally ask about a vehicle. the first clue I had was that my phone number was listed on the add and the person would not call. the second clue, they end their message with "regards". this was an indication the person was looking for a warm up prior to trying to pull the seller in.