910-891 Phone Me Not

  • 910-891-0945
  • 910-891-0946
  • 910-891-0947
  • 910-891-0948
  • 910-891-0949
  • 910-891-0950
  • 910-891-0951
  • 910-891-0952
  • 910-891-0953
  • 910-891-0954
  • 910-891-0955
  • 910-891-0956
  • 910-891-0957
  • 910-891-0958
  • 910-891-0959
  • 910-891-0960
  • 910-891-0961
  • 910-891-0962
  • 910-891-0963
  • 910-891-0964
  • 910-891-0965
  • 910-891-0966
  • 910-891-0967
  • 910-891-0968
  • 910-891-0969
  • 910-891-0970
  • 910-891-0971

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    1. Calvin says:

      I have been getting these texts for about 3 weeks now and have spoken to ATT before. On the phone with them again now to see what the hell it is. Today alone i got 54 of them. will keep you posted.

    2. Percy says:

      Never heard of this place.

    3. Cortez says:

      BEWARE she is not 31... Escort named Victoria 202-374-6454 real name Kelly Gipson 46 yrs old address 1334 AVA rd, Severn Maryland 21144 ..410-519-0974 but advertises on backpage dc and many other escort sites as an escort named Victoria 202-374-6454...

    4. Kenneth says:

      I didn't answer just block the call next time like your supposed to

    5. Faustino says:

      I don't know anyone from Texas

    6. Mel says:

      Just got a call from "Jennifer" Yesterday with threatining tones about lawyers and bad stuff. I returned the call and said "My name is [John Smith] and I am returning your call. By law I must inform you this call is being recorded for legal purposes." He asked me my name then immediatly disconnected. Don't think I'll be hearing back from them.

    7. Norbert says:

      My ex boyfriend won't leave me alone.

    8. Mervin says:

      How can I prevent spam calls?

    9. Jame says:

      Called my cell, I didn't answer, they left no message.

    10. Lance says:

      They called my cell phone.  I returned the call thinking they were my credit card service.  I gave them my card no and my social.  they could not find me in their records.  I am really worried that I gave out too much information.  I found out that they are out of Atlanta.

    11. Donnell says:

      wanted to add me to a birthday list

    12. Gil says:

      Anytime someone calls you who you don't know... Simply don't Nswer the call. Let me leave their info on your mAchine. It will cut down on fraudulent calls. Most wont leave info cause then it's traceable.

    13. Ricky says:

      12 calls in 2 days. they answered once and i told them to take me off their call list. they immediately hung up the phone and did not confirm they took me off the call list. they continue to call me i answer and there is no response.

    14. Emmett says:

      Brilliant Idea! They are parasites that call all the time for someone I don't know...

    15. Guadalupe says:

      If you go to peoplefinders.com you can obtain her contact information for $9.95.  If you do not want to invest the money, you can just see where she has lived or lives and can see who she is associated with.