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    1. Charley says:

      Got a missed call from them. Don't know who it is but it isn't any one I know.

    2. Robbie says:

      This number calls me around 5,6,7 times a day, Monday thru Friday. Sometimes on saturday. So annoying. I have reported the number to my cellular provider to see if they can get it stopped.

    3. Andreas says:

      I have gotten about 15 texts and first they started off nice talking about his show. When I asked him to delete my number, he said he had Weed for me. He said it would be a gift not for sale. I said I was not interested and to delete my number again and he called me trash....I hope he stops.

    4. Eugene says:

      209-320-1376 - A man keeps calling my home phone everyday and stated that I qualify for a loan.  I never completed an application for a loan.  I typed in 209-320-1376 and searched this number on my computer and it identifies this number as a scam.  I read other individual's post message regarding this number and what that person is stating.  It is a shame that people are so uncaring and greedy.  This scam artist need to get a real job and stop trying to hurt people.  The will have to answer to a higher calling.  "Jesus"

    5. Lamar says:

      I have a truck for sale on auto trader and this numer and another number very similar texted me at 3 am both said there name was Joey and they wanted info on my ad and could they email them at provde@gmail. I figured it was a scam to get my email and I didn;t send them an email.

    6. Luther says:

      Just got a txt from this number saying that there is a problem with my credit union acct. I called it back to see what it was about because i do bank with a credit union. I almost got caught until they asked me to enter my 16 digit card number.....NOT!!! Thank GOD for google....i wouldnt have been able to see others stories. By the way...this just happened @ 8:23 pm EST.

    7. Werner says:

      Its an alarm company.. Asked to install a new system...

    8. Ben says:

      I got two texts from his today. He said "Are you ready?" I didn't know who it was so I said "for what" and he said "it's a surprise." Then I realized something wasn't right so I asked who it was and he said "Dirty Dan". I didn't text him back. He then called me 5 minutes later on my home phone and I hung up on him.

    9. Juan says:

      Called and hung up!damned spam

    10. Brooks says:

      They always call and I always answer they never say anything, so I always call back repeatedly until a recording answers giving me the option to press one to stop receiving phone calls I always press one; and still they always call.

    11. Norbert says:

      keep calling and dont leave a voicemail

    12. Carmelo says:

      they're a scam wanting you to send money for your car

    13. Del says:

      I got a random phonecall with no message

    14. Cristobal says:

      These asswads are def scamming!! Calling me repeatedly, name calling me. Its on!

    15. Christoper says:

      If you got a call from this number, it is the Republic Services (Trash services)