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    1. Dominick says:

      creditors for someone else

    2. Maria says:

      received only one call from them, let it go to VM and they didn't leave a msg. Called the number back and found it was WCA subscriber services--whatever that is.

    3. Ivan says:

      they always hang up when I answer

    4. Ralph says:

      Call from this number, guy with a REALLY strong accent who kept saying something about Facebook, couldn't really understand him but it was a really creepy call.

    5. Rocco says:

      I3Xffx <a href="http://volsinvhrdao.com/">volsinvhrdao</a>

    6. Landon says:

      Called me about a boat I had for sale on craigs list and wanted my paypal information, claimed to be working off shore but definatley wanted the boat. I dont know what kind of scam this person was trying but it made no sense at all!!!

    7. Erich says:

      we got a phone call from 512-502-1000 but we can not call it back.

    8. Lamont says:

      Unfortunately, if you read some of the "shill" posts on this site; we are all the same to them. Lowlifes that don't pay our bills. They call US lowlifes to deflect from the fact that they are indeed the real lowlifes. You are right; they don't care about your story or your life. They're greedy bottom-feeders; almost as bad as people who do foreclosures. Could a decent person really sleep at night knowing they just threw a family of four out of their house? They will say "well, you should've paid your bills", not giving two flying f**ks that maybe your spouse or you have been terminally ill and no longer can work and you're living on one income and still need to feed your children and keep them warm and sheltered. Or that maybe you got laid off from your job of the past 20 years because of the economy.( They actually believe that WE are the reason the economy is so bad!) Can you imagine?  None of these valid reasons matter to them. They are better than those of us who get behind on their bills because apparently, according to most of them, they pay their bills. Yeah, right! I actually read a post about another phone number on this site where a woman who is an attorney was told that she is not as smart as one of these scumbags because they pay their bills! I'm sure that they don't have student loans from 8 years, or however long it takes to be a lawyer, of schooling. It really doesn't take that much education to get on a phone and belittle a person, now does it?  You don't even have to know the LAW regarding your job, just start yelling and threatening falsehoods. And yes, I would venture to say they do enjoy harrassing people. I think you really have to be a scumbag to actually want to do that work for a living. They sit there and yell at people then they get upset and complain when a person yells back at them! Kind of a hypocrite, don't ya think? We should all be jealous of that kind of "career"!

    9. Otis says:

      However, message actually came from 1-208-596-6813.

    10. Barrett says:

      Continue to get harassing calls...charges filed.

    11. Darrick says:

      Received a call from this number today. They left a message stating this is not a sales call. And to return the phone call at the same number.

    12. Damion says:

      I received a call on my residential telephone that is unlisted and on the do not call list. If these people perform this federal criminal act, they are not to be trusted.

    13. Freddie says:

      I called the number back,recording said" I'm back,but if you don't want to recieve amymore calls from our tella marketing on sales and pro. just press 1...in witch I did.Then ,thank you it will take 24 to 48 hrs. to remove you off our auto lists....

    14. Edgardo says:

      I jutst got the same phone call today on my cell phone. Have been receiving emails from Talent Drive. But this phone number came up on my cell number caller id, and they left a message exactly like dragonwynch and the other had. This is a telemarketing call, one I did not take seriously. will update if I receive anymore.

    15. Odell says:

      Selling security systems by phone.