913-593 Phone Me Not

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    1. Lucien says:

      Talks about the FBI reporting break ins.

    2. Andy says:

      This number is apart of one big scam. These people want you to become a personal assistant and wire money for them. They appear to work for Magic Jack art supplies and the checks are from manufactores. The regional manager (who you're working for) is on a business trip in Mexico (or something) so they need you to deposit and wire the money. The kicker is, you get 10% commision of the check. THE CHECK IS A COUNTERFEITED CHECK! Once you deposit it into yourr account, your account will be blocked and will also go under investigation. You lose everything you have in your account!

    3. Burl says:

      Pre-recorded MSG stating my number was added to a database for a drawing.

    4. Bennie says:

      Mr. number told me it called 6 days ago, but I still couldn't recognize the number. I didn't answer. they left a blank message.

    5. Jason says:

      text read: Take this message received approx 200 times

    6. Dudley says:

      They never say anything..

    7. Randolph says:

      Yes, "Marcus Williams" with a  Jamaican accent just called me from the same number.  No details, just YELLING into my voicemail about if I don't return his call (or my attorney), something will "unfold upon me."  Wow.  These people know no bounds.  Something will "unfold upon me"?  Was that just a threat!?

    8. Valentin says:

      Sayed they where calling from some on line school

    9. Dante says:

      Tele marketer from CTU University, prime Harrasers online and by phone

    10. Jarred says:

      Coice mail from 303-784-8904 telling me they know I want to get myself back in school and to call them back at 303-784-8364 so they can help me with that. I don't even live in the US and I have no intention of going back to school.

    11. Jere says:

      Another one trying to get through!

    12. Sammy says:

      they only give missed calls and disturb

    13. Elvis says:

      they text you a four digit code asking you to reply back with it

    14. Raymundo says:

      Answering machine recorded the last bit of the recorded message. Most likely a mortgage scam.

    15. Arturo says:

      I had the same exact number call me. Very weird!