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    1. Alvaro says:

      If they haven't, or won't, provide written proof of their claim...the only "cops" that would be appearing would be when they serve a subpoena on the bogus debt collector.

    2. Sebastian says:

      Builders and homeowners have sought out the expertise of Superior Glass & Aluminum in designing undersized and oversized shower doors, angled glass panels and steam enclosures.

    3. Kraig says:

      Have received 12 calls from Wilkerson since June 6.  They never leave a message.  I did answer the other morning to find out what it was and they asked for Denise.  Told them no Denise at number, then they asked if it was Dennis and I said that was my husband but he wasn't available.   I asked what they were calling for and they indicated they were doing a "Medicare survey" and they needed to speak with him. and hung up.   Since that call we have received at least 4 more.   The number that was calling us this morning was 270-643-0222.

    4. Rex says:

      I've received 12 calls from this number, never picked these calls until today. I returned their call back but their number is disconnected

    5. Lenard says:

      I received numerous calls from this number over two months. finaly ansewred and it just hung up.

    6. Hai says:

      Received a text message from this number on Thurs. Aug. 23, 2012Chase was offering me $1,500.00 CashWhat's wrong with these Spamer's, do they think we are stupid!

    7. Mickey says:

      A money scanned is being operated from 206-201-2778

    8. Isreal says:

      C M did not tell me anything!!

    9. Neville says:

      Oh it comes up on my caller ID as Solutions WCA and the message when answered spoke so fast I didn't hear the company name correctly.....just wanted to add this to my message above.

    10. Granville says:

      We received at least 6 or 7 calls over the day - always hanging up at the end. I finally heard a voice, I told him he's been calling all day and then he hung up.

    11. Dave says:

      he's a complete stalker!!

    12. Duane says:

      They called me n told me the same story about a lawsuit regarding a loan. Witch by the way I never received. Does anyone have any info on how to pursue n track these thiefs down. They have called my work place n raised false accusation with my place of business as well as my coworkers. Has anyone been arrested or has had any further legal actions againts them?? Please someone comment ASAP.....

    13. Craig says:

      annoying. recording talking about break ins. try to sell you security systems.

    14. Rogelio says:

      Asking for somebody else. Kept changing their number.

    15. Gabriel says:

      why are you people lieing like that. you did not get anything. herman, you need to stop trying to get over on people. you are trash. now do something about it.