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    1. Julian says:

      Recd a call from this number on Sunday.  Was a computerized birthday greeting but I have no idea who was behind the call.  A friend, a scammer, a bill collector?   It was my bday so that much was spot on.

    2. Noah says:

      Ian Prukner is a great guy. If helping people and presenting people with a potentially life changing opportunity makes him a scam artist...then I guess he's guilty.

    3. Guillermo says:

      got a call from this number and didnt answer then right after i got a call from anonymous and answered and no one was there

    4. Clifton says:

      Didnt know stop this please.

    5. Fletcher says:

      Man said someone gave number for a cosigner for a car...........never heard of this person

    6. Haywood says:

      Called trying to get access to my computer. Called several times after asked not to. Called from second number of 598-758-75. Same person at both numbers trying to gain access to computer.

    7. Lemuel says:

      Sorry its mr.number to block the number

    8. Grady says:

      2 calls. he had sent my son some girls stockings from I Love color. now he wants them. he wants to come over and get them. Why? I'm concerned because my son is only 14. I talked to him on the phone when he called the second time. I am kind of freaked out. My son says he doesn't know who the this person is.

    9. Sydney says:

      I got a call from this number 2 times with an Indian lady trying to get me to sign up for financial aid or something that would help me pay for my school. Then later they called me

    10. Nicholas says:

      Called-left no message  Came up on caller ID as Service Dept.

    11. Modesto says:

      I got 2 calls between yesterday and today, didn't hung up.

    12. Hollis says:

      Our # is a Florida residence and on the National "Do not call" list. In the last 6 months, we get at least 1 a day.

    13. Edmund says:

      Called me looking for an employee. LTD limited a collection agency. He owes B of A some money

    14. Granville says:

      Recorded message regarding Timeshares. When I selected '1' to speak to someone, so I could request to be added to the Do Not Call list, the call was disconnected.

    15. Randolph says:

      We received a call yesterday.