914-588 Phone Me Not

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    1. Loyd says:

      Harrassment ... I dont kno who they are let alone why they are calln

    2. Jere says:

      We got at least 15 calls from this number over the past few weeks. Long pause on answering, then a robot. I hang up, but it's such a nuisance because they call at the most inconvenient times. What can be done??

    3. Michal says:

      No voicemails left, will call 3-5 times a day. Calls from various 314.627.XXXX numbers

    4. Doug says:

      I have been receiving calls from this number like 7-10 times a day for the past week is this number and 559-862-0255. Last time I spoke with some one they said I owed money and if I didn't pay they where going to sue me. I asked what and who I owed and he said an EB Cash that I applied for online?? What I don't even know what that is or what there talking about. And because of that I told him I was goin to send this to my attorney and as soon as I said that he started screaming at me and telling me that if we went to court it would be worse for me and I would have to pay 10,000 dollars. I could not talk to him with all his screaming so I just hung up and havnt answered since. I think this is a fraud I seriously don't know what they are talking about..

    5. Edgardo says:

      This is a timeshare sales company.  One of the highest charging.

    6. Gilberto says:

      I hit *57 to have this call traced.  These calls are harrassment. Once again woke up on my day off!!! These people should be shot! Gilbert Aguirre must die!! (If that's his real name)

    7. Nicolas says:

      7 call in 5 minutes person didnt speak and hang up when i ask who is it

    8. Edmundo says:

      Apple iPhone 5 text message scam

    9. Alexis says:

      They illegally telemarketed my cell phone.  They are never allowed to call cell phones... ever.  (because it costs us money). I pressed one to talk to them.  I told them it was illegal to call cell phones, she said "our entire business is based on that" to which i responded really?  that's a huge breach of the law, and she hung up immediately.

    10. Wilbur says:

      Call about furthering education

    11. Rob says:

      some kind of advertising text.

    12. Jess says:

      FRM: b.ElviaGriggs@iphone5beta.net

    13. Anthony says:

      extended auto warranty spam

    14. Stephan says:

      Spam text stating "Starbucks!!! has picked u as this weeks winner redeem it here $50 store credit to starbucks! http://starbucks1.raffleclaim.com"

    15. Brock says:

      Got a call from this number on 10/09/13 at 8:56 am. Didn't answer it and they left no message.