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    1. Martin says:

      WCA for "any woman who has had a vaginal mesh implant".....huh???  Um no, no I haven't.

    2. Lon says:

      I got one from this number  -19/05/11 said we was asking question for a charity - took a couple of seconds to connect

    3. Jesse says:


    4. Jermaine says:

      Caller ID showed Arthritis Info (1-516-224-0063).  The line went dead as soon as I picked up the phone.

    5. Rocky says:

      I got a call from this number today and no message was left, but I did hear noise in the background......I am so sick of reporting these numbers to the Do Not Call list and it doesn't seem to do any good!

    6. Adrian says:

      Do not call me into u think about things in life

    7. Ahmad says:

      Yes, this is the VA calling about an appointment

    8. Kelvin says:

      Assholes dont answer its a trap!

    9. Rosendo says:

      don't care.  won't answer.  intrusive diaper loads.

    10. Donn says:

      asking to provide me with info on 'Swan Energy oil drilling project'. Quoted a bunch of crap about hundreds ot thousands of dollars and tax implications????? Never heard of them

    11. Gail says:

      This company has been repeatedly calling my phone, asking for Tracey Jones. They are calling me from an unknown number as well and leaving me messages, even though I have contacted them and told them they have the wrong number.The last person I talk to was very rude and seemed as if he wasn't listening or understanding anything I was saying to him.My suggestion if they call you, is to block this number or to ignore their calls.

    12. Osvaldo says:

      Nothing! Called and hung up.

    13. Chauncey says:

      keeps leaveing me rude messages

    14. Myles says:

      I just got a call from this number.........i missed it, and when i tried to call back - it went straight  thru and said "leave a message after the beep" in animated tone........i don't knw whether this is a fraud or whether i have just been called accidentley~~~~~~~~~has neone else got called by it???

    15. Brett says:

      spam number keep calling