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    1. Elwood says:

      Keeps calling me...it's some sort of sports gambling service.

    2. Abel says:

      i think someone stole your pictures and is pretending to be you. I keep getting a call from same number and he said he was military. This person is calling my phone now as I am texting. He also calls sends texts from 11 044 0601 says he met me on site. He sent me pictures of himself (or what he claims to be himself) in military uniform. He is asking for money. I have the pictures I have several other people who claimit's the same guy by his pictures. my email if you want to see if these are your pictures mikiair66@gmail.com.

    3. Kermit says:

      Richard from okcupid. Scammer?

    4. Dewitt says:

      Called yesterday as Stacey Black and today as Rachel Green. I assume it is a collection call with a new tactic to get you to answer the phone.

    5. Marlin says:

      Yea got the same email from a craigs list posting. Looked really weird!!

    6. Denny says:

      Credit card sales merchant

    7. Kim says:

      Keep getting calls from this number....no message is left.

    8. Gene says:

      He has called twice since a couple of weeks ago harassing us about buying a time share a long time ago while staying at a hilton in florida. We have never stayed at a Hilton in Florida. Today he got abusive by swearing and calling my dad a f#$%ing idiot.

    9. Enrique says:

      Call from 1111440601 identifies caller as "alissa_x019e5." Will not accept from unknown caller.

    10. Juan says:

      Difficult to hear caller.

    11. Lucius says:

      These people have been calling the house every month always on a saturday saying "your computer is sending out corrupted files" I ask them if they can give any personal info about me which they cant. I finally pointed that little tid bit out to the person on the phone and asked him who he was to which he replied "we are the scammers and that i better hang up the phone". Then he hung up on me.

    12. Ulysses says:

      They never leave a name and keep spaming my phone past 8 o Clock so if they are a debt collection company they are past calling times!

    13. Federico says:

      Promoting health insurance

    14. Mauro says:

      Called our number 4 times today no messages left, feeling hararassed, when I called them back, they new my daughters first and last name without me even giving them info and then wanted to speak with her in efforts to help her with educational opportunity. We are on the do not call list.

    15. Arlen says:

      Its spam - selling insurance