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    1. Tracey says:

      I've been getting 6 to 10 calls a day from this number for the last couple of months. I'm on every donotcall list possible. They never leave a message, just keep calling and calling ...

    2. Cornelius says:


    3. Travis says:

      Weirdos thats all im gonna say about these idiots lol.

    4. Clark says:

      Complaints have gone to any agency that could be thought of......The fact is we are not important enough for any agency to care............If we could get them to call a congressman or important lawyers something might get done................they call me with the same speech every so often but now call my children to tell them what trouble I am in............They use my cell number........they also have a new number each time and blocking will not work..........

    5. Damion says:

      I recieve at least 6 calls a week from this #. I've dialed 1 to be put on there do not call list and it clearly doesn't work. I've even called the number back and it gets me no where. Very annoying and doesn't seem like it's going to stop any time soon. Next step is to see if my telephone provider can block the number.

    6. Allan says:

      I got a another call from another phone number as well and called back, selected #1 and it stopped the phone calls.

    7. Stacy says:

      They have called my house not even asking for whom they are looking for. They say call back on an 888 number and when I have called and asked them twice to remove my number they say it is not in the database. If that were true why are the calling me and I don't owe anyone any monies that are delinquent so they should not be calling in the first place

    8. Shaun says:

      My caller id shows 800-000-0000. I received 5 calls from this number with 10 minutes span between each other. Contacted my cell phone provider and they promised to block this number. I got one more call today, so I am reporting them on fcc.

    9. Roscoe says:

      Didn't answer. Didn't leave a message

    10. Jae says:

      A William Evans called and identified himself from Global Properties St. Petersburg, Florida asking if I wanted to sell our vacant land in Wisconsin.  Claimed he had an interested buyer.  I didn't go any further with this and he seemed "unprofessional" - I'm always leery of "cold calls" anyway.

    11. Francisco says:

      Same for me three or four times, it's start around three mounth ago.

    12. Tad says:

      Justin lachance he didn't say nething I didn't answer I don't know him

    13. Octavio says:

      # 978-296-2177 I just got a call from this number to my cell phone.

    14. Edgardo says:

      left a voice mail.  east indian lady and couldn't understand a word she said.  I dialed # back and it says it is not in service

    15. Emmitt says:

      Phone sale. We buy junk cars