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    1. Virgilio says:

      First they put music and when you say hello whos this they hang up

    2. Milan says:

      Fake school from online smh

    3. Enoch says:

      I got a text message early this morning from 201-432-5425 with the address of http://ipad3new.co. The message "Apple is looking for people to test and keep the New iPad3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3now.com and enter BETA will receive it!"

    4. Michale says:

      Credit card debt automated line.

    5. Mckinley says:

      Sick person tried to be a friend. Unstable

    6. Michale says:

      Telemarketer. Voice recording about a credit card.

    7. Barrett says:

      Automated computer dials random #'s to reach potental customers dont answer the phone

    8. Doug says:

      This is GC Services a collection agency.

    9. Cortez says:

      I just got a call from this 2052876895 stating he was some type of authority officer n gave me a case number saying im being investigated for something n he said the last four digits of my social security number i hung up on him n he called rite back dont no who he is but i wish he stop calling me to days date is 12/5/12

    10. Trenton says:

      Add to the rest of my debts! O well""!"

    11. August says:


    12. Herman says:

      347-4105-894u think im gonna fall for that? nice try madda F!!! this number texted me sbc843@ael.netauthorization required by visa. please call... so i called... robogirl talked asking for my debit card number... so easy to tell that this is a scam!!!

    13. Dick says:

      This number calls me every morning at 820 am.

    14. Raul says:

      the number is Ellis University and they wont stop calling, American Intercontinental University same way. These Online schools most anyway dont offer anything but a way to lose your money. They will set you up and get you thinkin youre headed for college all they want you to do is apply for student loans. They get the money even if you cant or dont start school. Then you have the debt and they get off free. They actually benefit if you dont start or complete school you still have the full loan to pay off. Atleast I didnt Sign on the dotted line and wind up in debt. Bad part is they just keep calling even when you answer and tell em that you cant afford to go to school right now. They are preying on the unemployed and underemployed. Its BS and needs to be stopped. No should mean NO.

    15. Armando says:

      I did the same thing,when I asked questions he got rude with me I'm calling my bank and reporting this so they can't touch my account and I'm turning this in to the law and going from there.