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    1. Judson says:

      An automated message selling home alarm systems.

    2. Colton says:

      Called me three times under a private number, then texted me with a message, "Can i suck on ur toes?" Ugh.

    3. Norman says:

      They call everyday and leave messages.Will not stop calling

    4. Ian says:

      Not spam....its a doctors office!!!

    5. Clint says:

      Calls will not i d themselves and won't leave message

    6. Will says:

      I have been recieving calls from this # daily, on first my home # and then immediately following on my fax #. My caller Id states that it is rmg communications. When I answer my home # there is noone there. When they hang up and call my fax # I get solicitation faxes. I have reported them EVERYTIME to the do not call list. Now I am on to reporting them to the federal trade commission. I am fed up!!

    7. Darell says:

      They were slanderous texts about my ex-girlfriend.

    8. Shon says:

      I got a call from the 52549693 a few times and picked up today. Some guy telling me he was from the US government and I got a 7,000$ grant. He then told me my name and address and asked for my marital status and age. I was already suspicious. When he next asked for my bank information, I hung up on him and now that stupid number keeps ringing my phone....

    9. Branden says:

      this number hasarrasing me and threatening me

    10. Grover says:

      When I answer they hang upAnd keep call

    11. Bennie says:

      "Ann with Account Services" scam promising to lower your interest rates on your credit cards.

    12. Michale says:

      after a very long pause, I had time to enter the caller ID # into teh google and get this site, caller suddenly spoke (female 'southeast asian accent') claimed to be from Bell South, which is no longer, now it's AT&T.  Asked for the person in charge of phone - that person is not in, said I.  OhhKay, I'll call back, she said.

    13. Derrick says:

      This is a bill collector, not sure what company they're from.

    14. Gail says:

      I get them all the time hey said hello and then hangup they dont say nothing

    15. Donny says:

      I am constantly harassed by the phone calls stating they are with faternal order of police when I have told them over and over again to remove my number from their call list.  Next time I will file a complaint with whoever regulates the phone company and the attorney general.  I'm on the do not call list and I have a non published phone number