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    1. Kent says:

      using a machine to not clear on name

    2. Murray says:

      This number called about 6 times back to back and I just blocked it ..

    3. Linwood says:

      This number call me 4times today and didn't leave a message.

    4. Keenan says:

      I received a call from the following number 110-279-1618. I realize this is likely a spoofed number but I am reporting it anyway. The caller told me his name was Adam and he was from Jars Support. He then proceeded to tell me that this company was the only Microsoft Authorized Support Provider and that they had detected my computer has downloaded a virus without my knowledge and that they could help me remove it remotely.

    5. Clark says:

      This is the first time I got a call it did sound like insurance company but i can't say for sure.

    6. Lowell says:

      this numbrr kerps calling dont.know who.it is

    7. Erik says:

      iam receiving calls from this no.unable to trace out.can u any body tell me what is address of this no.

    8. Robby says:

      I get at least 2 calls a day from this number. I answered two times and first time they hung up immediately and second time they held on for a moment and I could hear voices in background then heard them hang up. Tried to call back and was told that this was not a in service #. Next time they called, I ignored to see if they would leave a message but they did not. When I called the phone company to ask about how could call me and not be a working # I was told that it is scammers that piggyback onto a number to hide where they are coming from. Will either try to use it to connect to peoples computers who are set up to phone lines with a virus and/or calling from other countries to try to set up bogus charges to phone bill. Was told to not answer if I do not recognize #'s and wait to have voicemail message left. If none, to ignore as anyone legit would be leaving a message. So that's the way I'm going to handle it here on out.

    9. Andy says:

      I have also been getting calls from this number and as soon as I answer they hang up. I'm fixing to block the number :)

    10. Vicente says:

      Mary Alvarez is a DCS employee and a debt collector a real bi*** I would not employ this wack job. The number is a collection company do not answer there calls..

    11. Alejandro says:

      Automated call concerning "last and final notice" to lower interest rates.

    12. Florencio says:

      Was a recording. I think they were some sort of Educational company.

    13. Rayford says:

      Policeman's fund looking for donations. I said that they could send me something in the mail so that i can verify who i am speaking to. He continued to try and get me to commit to $$ but i said send it in the mail. He then hung up on me.

    14. Horacio says:

      Microsoft Update - Haha !!

    15. Coy says:

      You can update your own google place ID in the mail and save 200 a month.