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    1. Trevor says:

      So just right now, he calls me up and apologized for sending the message to the wrong person

    2. Brian says:

      I would like to report this number, not just
      Complain about it....but to whom? They call constantly and
      If I hang on for a voice, they hang up

    3. Virgilio says:

      I get a call every day to from this number.got to be away to stop this you think.

    4. Omar says:

      I received a call today from this number.  Same thing as above "This is the second call to inform you that your factory warranty is about to expire..."  When I pressed 1 to speak to someone, the person asked for the make and model of my vehicle.  I responded that he should know that since he called me.  He got snotty and said that I didn't have to be so angry and the poceeded to tell me that I needed to "act my age" which at that point I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me to "shut up" and hung up on me.  This phone call came into a business line, not a residential line.

    5. Allan says:

      Didnt leave a message, that means spam to me.

    6. Collin says:

      lol called my cell, when I picked up no one answered, heard background noise, and then I hung up, tried to call back and press "1" but nothing... hopefully they don't call back

    7. Abel says:

      Claims to be someone their not. This person shows strange behavior, similar to what you might expect of a pedophile or rapist.

    8. Edmundo says:

      Big Picture magazine sales call

    9. George says:

      call me bk please................................

    10. Mike says:

      Call and hang up all the time

    11. Rico says:

      i hate all these weird # that call my cell if i dont know u im not answering i just wish they stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Walton says:

      I got a email from this guy wanting to buy my truck from craigslist  and wanted too pay by paypal,

    13. Valentine says:

      Called but didn't leave a message. I don't know anyone from Seattle. It says it is a Seattle phone number.

    14. Melvin says:

      I got his damn message too and paying for it. Called T-mobile, it is some out-sourcing Indian lady. It is useless to call tmobile since they will just ask you to change your number or complain to do-not-call web. Anybody who find a solution to stop this stupid spam. Please post!

    15. Darius says:

      Started yesterday with me...woke me up during the night and everything. What the heck is this? How can I stop it?