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    1. Neal says:

      Got a random text from ArizonaFCU in parentheses telling me to call one of these 2 numbers...this was one of them.  We don't have an account with Arizona Federal Credit Union!!!

    2. Samuel says:

      Keep  receiving  calls from this number.  I do  not answer due to not a number I recognize.  I googled the number and have found that several comments have been made regarding this same number.  I will have this number blocked.

    3. Micheal says:

      yes she is anoyying and wont leave me alone!

    4. Monte says:

      786-536-8390CASH FOR JUNK CARS $400COMPRO CARROS $400

    5. Fredric says:

      free home security system for allowing them to put a sign in yard... what a load of....

    6. Jamaal says:

      Rob Zerban for congress robocall

    7. Bernard says:

      I know these assholes keep up with these complaint sites so that they try new things. If I ever find one, he'll be in a cast for months.

    8. Alexander says:

      I have found ware i need to be. Whats going on tonight.

    9. Lamar says:

      annoying I'm not a business

    10. Sydney says:

      I have recieved calls from them for a week and today I decided to talk to them. Its a HUGE SCAM! They want your credit card info to charge you 2.95 for a 100.00 walmart gift card. They claim they already have you card information and address BUT they need you to confirm it. BullS****! They also claim that the gift card has you name on it and is ready to be shipped to you so "be a smart customer" and take the 100.00. I cursed him out so bad that he even offered 200.00!!! So then I was like if I ask for 500.00 will I get that. Stupids! So plz dont fall for the hype. I have an android phone so I will be blocking them bc the do not call option is a scam too. They will continue to call. Sorry Guys.

    11. Jarvis says:

      This man, claims to be from NY, but a Texas number is what he called from. 210-460-0945. Says his name is Daniel Michael James. He has been texting my mother like crazy. When he did call, he had broken English. Says he is a self employed, building contractor. Keeps saying he is widowed and just says she passed from a sudden illness. He found my mother on Facebook and out of nowhere, says he wants a relationship ?????? Something is definitely wrong with this person and his story.

    12. Lucas says:

      College that I'm not interested in! Then call 3 times a day!

    13. Edison says:

      I got a text from this number saying "You have been randomly selected for a BestBuy gift. Get your $1000 gift card at www.bestbuy.com.bestwinners1.org/?id=rwylwrblff ". I have no idea who this is or what it's about but would love to know. Wish I could rely on it to be true!!!

    14. Jeffery says:

      ex gf wont quit blowin my phone up

    15. Rubin says:

      Got this call in the middle of the work day. No message, no answer. If it's as rude as people are saying it is, I'm glad I didn't pick up!