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    1. Lesley says:

      Called my cell and left no message.

    2. Max says:

      For some reason there is a group of scammers who like to use the 202 area code as their IS (usually numbers are spoofed anyways).  Finally had to block the entire area code, in order to keep a bit more peace around here.  There are a number of scams run by the sane group of criminals ... so who knows what particular scam this is connected with.  Sure am glad to have the ability to block numbers .... to bad that the scammers keep changing their numbers or so often spoof numbers.

    3. Donn says:

      I keep getting this call no one will say anything so I called the no back it's a recording about a debt co I wish they would stop calling!

    4. Chi says:

      There was no name or message.I want to know who is the caller.

    5. Lino says:

      keeps texting me asking for Tom

    6. Randolph says:

      keep calling cell - leave no message

    7. Darwin says:

      Got the same message 1:15 am May 5th.  Obviously a scam!  Thanks for confirming what I suspected.

    8. Bernardo says:

      I got the exact same text message. There are awful people in the world still--what a way to end this day.

    9. Brian says:

      Well this seems to be a recruiter from Hackensack, NJ. He was wanting to know if I would be interested in becoming a mobster. Man...If it ain't the government wanting me to work fer them its the mafia! Go figure. I got talent

    10. Luigi says:

      solicitor offering free cruise to Bahamas.

    11. Henry says:

      press 1 to update your free business listing....

    12. Travis says:

      Received message today from this number. Very lively Michele Peterson called for my adult child who hasn't lived here for ten years, saying his name came across her desk this morning highly recommended for what she was looking for. So if he was not chained to the dollar and was open to a new career opportunity, call her.

    13. Hunter says:

      I had a missed call but no voicemail from this number. I called back. I got the same robo message about how I had applied for employment opportunities (I hadn't) and to press 1 for that or to press 9 and give my number (I didn't) if I wanted to be removed. I hung up and blocked the number. I'm also inclined to believe this is a phishing scam.

    14. Edmundo says:

      A strange missed call around 10 in the morning, to my cell phone.

    15. Kenneth says:

      This is the 2nd time I got a call from this number. Called at 6:00pm Monday night. Did not leave a message. I tried to block this call, but that did not stop them !!!!