919-915 Phone Me Not

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    1. Toby says:

      No one is even there to reply to me. Please, take them off of my call list.

    2. Darwin says:

      Have you actually tried to participate in their offer and attend their seminar?

    3. Oscar says:

      My spam said I could claim my $200 rebate. Um, I choose not to.

    4. Isreal says:

      The caller hung up as soon as I answered.

    5. Johnny says:

      they call and do not leave amessage.

    6. Chester says:

      received several calls. no message.

    7. Marlin says:

      Don't take calls from this number. (240)949-2585 Received calls From this number saying that we were going to be prosecuted and picked up from our home. For prescriptions that were never ordered or purchased.

    8. Son says:

      I had recieve mulitple calls from this # 347 627 5236. I feel harrass and annoying would also like who is calling me late night saying harm things to me.

    9. Darren says:

      ewww its that thang again

    10. Leandro says:

      They called me twice, and left voicemails. when i went to listen to them all there was was static, and then they hung up. it comes up on caller id as ATT. i did a google search for it and this is what came up.....

    11. Jordon says:

      I got two phone calls early Sunday morning. Weird.

    12. Lamar says:

      We just got a call from this number, name unknown on caller ID.  They did not leave a message.  We are also on the national do not call list.  I intend to block the number

    13. Jayson says:

      Home security system advertising

    14. Stan says:

      called -- unrecognized number -- name unavailable -- left no message

    15. Claudio says:

      Occasionally and intermitently I receive calls from this number and there is never anyone on the line (pocket dial?), if I am not available the call goes to voice mail and there is an 'endless' recording of background noise and pocket scuffling. When I call back it goes to voice mail and 'Darren' is not available and 'please leave me a message' I have repeatedly asked him to take my number out of his phone and please stop 'pocket dialing' to no avail. I finally sent him a text and he responded with 'I'm sorry' but after a short respite, the calls have started up again. I don't know if you can help but it feels good to vent, thanks.