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    1. Seth says:

      They texted and called my number claiming to be a 14 year old Sara and offered to send a picture of themselves. Don't respond to them...

    2. Coy says:

      Call everyday all day, so tired of them harrassing me!!!

    3. Neville says:

      Your new number is someone else's old number.  The caller is probably looking for the person who had that number before you got it.  Based on the other posts in this thread, apparently your pest is a bill collector.  The previous owner of your number was probably having financial problems.

    4. Isiah says:

      Just repeated.calls asking for different people always.saying sorry wrong number.

    5. Kasey says:

      Be careful, these are phone thieves, they say there is a lawsuit against you and try to get you to pay them. Please report to the police!! .

    6. Edwin says:

      received call stating my master card was locked and to enter 16 digit credit card number. It a scam!!!! I just used card and its not locked out!!!!

    7. Sol says:

      "Extremely Grateful" was either joking or an extreme IDIOT!!! (my vote is for the first one.)

    8. Jake says:

      the sec. serv. fed credit union is headquartered in san antonio texas and the number assoc with the text messages is not in the san antonio area code.

    9. Terence says:

      Thank you I called the number back, pressed 1, entered my phone number and was told it would be taken off the call list.

    10. Charles says:

      This number has called my work phone repeatedly over the past few weeks.

    11. Fausto says:

      Its a Warrenton NC number and is some person is trying to add me and other people on yahoo messengers. Kept trying to make me add him/her on yahoo until I told the person were they need to go for what they need

    12. Peter says:

      Got an automated voicemail blabbing on about addressing some matter.

    13. Dusty says:

      I answered this call.  Was an automated survey from an outfit called Montana Votes.  I can't find any google results listing them.  According to the call it is a nonpartisan research company.  They asked about oil and gas drilling, marriage equality, global warming, and a couple other things I am forgetting.  Poorly set up automated system, you have to wait until the voice finishes talking before entering responses.

    14. Marion says:

      Spam, block the number as soon you see it.

    15. Jess says:

      I didnt answer cause ll numbers came up and i thougth that was kind of strange