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    1. Elvin says:

      They called my cell early in the AM didn't leave a message.

    2. Titus says:

      They keep calling like I have a loan

    3. Elden says:

      Some Chinese dude playing on the phone

    4. Duane says:

      Saying ic systems. Calls from different numbers.

    5. Burl says:

      bill collector for verizon wireless, name of the agency is I.C. Systems

    6. Marlon says:

      i had unfinte calls at 12:28 AM from this phone number i had to disconnect the wire from the phone to stop it

    7. Karl says:

      Popped up as suspected spam. I answered ,, but nobody said anythinq

    8. Corey says:

      at&t robo calling, rude when they finally do answer. you have to just talking over them to say your not interested and they still continue to talk. i will not now or ever answer there questions if i want to do business with someone i will call them. at&t is rude and this kind of robo calling will hurt there business even further. the next call will forwarded to our attorney generals office. lets see if the new law will work and stop all of the phone creeps.

    9. Val says:

      I get phone calls every single day from this number and when I call back I get answering machine  it does not exist.

    10. Buster says:

      just trying to find out who calls and leaves no msg..

    11. Cruz says:

      Got a call from 218-331-3123 they didn't leave a message. So i called it back and it's charter. Looks like they are getting sneaky with their #'s now.

    12. Sung says:

      I'm a student that currently back in school and my loans are consolidated and this collection company still calls

    13. Josiah says:

      lo centimos este numero que marco esta fuera de cervicio

    14. Hipolito says:

      I hate scammers, they are using this fake number, if you call it back the # is disconnected so they are hiding there real number.

    15. Solomon says:

      Repeated calls about “lower interest” credit card. They hope ur stupid enough to give up ur creditcard and personal info so they can: pillage your wallet, purloin your cash, rummage your purse and plunder your booty. Save the number in ur phone, assign a silent ringtone, and add international NO symbol picture to it.