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    1. Tyrell says:

      264-470-3319 Anyone else getting calls from this number?

    2. Del says:

      got this message from unknown person message says HI I think your cute got ur number from your friend u can see my pics at reluvv.com my id is wildcanuck this is very disturbing!

    3. Dane says:

      I don't know who or why they're calling but i want it to stop!

    4. Porter says:

      Got a call at 9:30AM on my home landline this AM. NO MESSAGE and INADEQUATE INFORMATION on Caller ID. Said only "FLORIDA". We ARE planning a trip to FLORIDA, however, these places where we have made reservations HAD BETTER NOT BE SELLING/TRADING OUR NAME/PHONE NUMBER to TELEMARKETERS or they are going to have a LAWSUIT on their hands! If you have a LEGITIMATE reason to call us, LEAVE A MESSAGE, IDIOTS! OTHERWISE you are 100% SPAM.

    5. Rueben says:

      They was speaking a different language

    6. Jeff says:

      Me too. I have been getting unsolicited marketing calls lately on my cell, think my number got onto a calling list somehow. They say I just "won a free sweepstakes". Mmmm, hmmmm. Right.

    7. Tracey says:

      Did a little more research, and found that this number is linked to the Verizon calling network.  So, it's a telemarketer from Verizon.  They should just identify themselves as such.

    8. Lane says:

      This number calls several times a day, they do not leave a message?

    9. Nelson says:

      DO NOT press one after hearing the ships horn. This certifies that your number is real and will be sold immediately...Saw it on the news a while back. It happened to me at 1:15pm. I don't answer calls that I don't know...

    10. Russel says:

      I received a text msg saying that...I was the winner of a $1000 gift card from Target...I called Target to verify and they are saying that it's a scam.

    11. Cary says:

      this is a psychopath. stay far away.

    12. Fausto says:

      I have been recieving 2-3 calls every working day for the last 4 weeks. SO ANNOYING!

    13. Reed says:

      Keep asking for some Daniel ..tell them wrong number, but there stupid ..

    14. Larry says:

      Spam. supposedly Rabbit TV

    15. Deangelo says:

      Bad dentist that wont leave you alone.