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    1. Jack says:

      I want to know who has this ph#.

    2. Faustino says:

      They keep asking if I want to attend college and I asked them several times to remove my number because I'm already attending college. They call at least three times a day

    3. Francesco says:

      Recorded message. Said I had been "named a person of interest" in "an important matter" and to "contact this office" or "decions will be made without your knowledge". I'm guessing it's spam.

    4. Isreal says:

      I got one of those emails today. Didn't solicit this, or send out any resume either. So what gives?

    5. Eddie says:

      Here's a copy/paste that will help to stop this caller; These guys wouldn't quit calling even though I wasn't answering the call. Then I decided to figure out a way to stop them and came across a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers. I called 307 223 0458 and after giving them the caller's phone number, they confirmed it was on their list so I gave the receiving phone number and since then I haven't gotten anymore calls so I wanted to pass this along to help others.

    6. Mose says:

      Credit card scam or phishibg

    7. Pedro says:

      This is the 3rd time in the same amount of days, that we get this call, i call back and try to talk to a person, about a FREE magazine, to get off their list, and it always says, you can't leave a message, the mailbox is full. this morning it was 7:00, last night it was 9:00p. and the day before , mid day/ this is so annoying

    8. Burton says:

      Got number off childs SAT

    9. Peter says:

      I got a call from this number it said press 1 for English. I did it did the whole elevator music they said something couldn't understand then said how may I help you I replied you guys called me and then they hung up on me

    10. Reyes says:

      Stalker. Will not stop calling.

    11. Augustine says:

      They keep calling me. Sometimes someone will be there and sometimes it will beep.

    12. Emile says:

      Congressman David McKinnley. Some automated call. Wanted me to stay on phone 4 live convo. No thanks!

    13. Jed says:

      Said congratulations you have won........

    14. Spencer says:

      Reward offer for something I never signed up for.

    15. Ty says:

      dont answers text or calls