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    1. Damien says:

      They call my office every day too, sometimes twice a day.  The caller ID says Doctors Network.  When I answer they immediately hang up!  When I call back it says "If you would like to be placed on our do not call list please say your 10 digit # at the tone".  I have done so twice, yet they still call every day.  Can't find a different number for them on the internet.....

    2. Donn says:

      maybe this no. is belongs to TCS

    3. Raymond says:

      Recording said to be from card member services and this was my final call before they closed out the review of my account. At this point I hung up.

    4. Alejandro says:

      Have you encountered a Scam Call?

    5. Orval says:

      Multiple calls per day, both cell and work. I answered once early on, heard unintelligible mumbling and then hung up. Answered today, heard nothing.

    6. Kenny says:

      I don't answer. They do not leave a message. I did a reverse look up. The number comes up as registered in PA. to an Ebony Natham. I blocked my number and called back..got a 'not in service' recording. Bogus, obviously, as they are calling me at least three times daily.

    7. Alan says:

      Selected to win free cruise...

    8. Rudolf says:

      Lower interest rate on my credit card. I don't have any credit cards.

    9. Alden says:

      These scumbags, whoever they are, obviously are learning disabled. They call every day and every day we just keep ignoring them and don't answer. They never leave a voice mail message. We are on and have been on for at least 8 months, the National Do Not Call Registry.

    10. Chauncey says:

      txt, same as others, trying to get me to borrow 1500, asks me to txt backBIG ANNOYING SPAMWant to file a complaint and get them busted

    11. Eusebio says:

      Is it possible to identify who is the owner of a certain phone number?

    12. Horace says:

      Said that I had won a $50,000 prize from some contest I had entered several months back.  Right!!  I'm sure they'd notify winners by mail if this was legit.

    13. Quincy says:

      Property insurance sales spam

    14. Neil says:

      integrated benefits, insurance broker

    15. Scott says:

      I have recieved several phone calls from this Company that calls itself WCA Subscriber services. They never answer back when the phone rings.