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    1. Alexis says:

      a text but i dont know who it is

    2. Dane says:

      $1000 from target? Not sure if it's a scam.

    3. Elliott says:

      I used to get lots of calls from 'Tom at Home Security.' Reported them to the FCC and the calls seemed to have stopped for awhile. Not they are starting up again. What does the FCC do about this, anyone know?

    4. Leigh says:

      No one says anything and then you get a loud fax sound in your ear. They've called our business 6 times today. I have gotten a total of 22 calls from area code 248 today and they are all just beeping sounds or fax machines.

    5. Leonel says:

      anyone from montreal gave there cell # to the store The Brick !

    6. Desmond says:

      This has been calling no message has been left. They have called me 5 times today.

    7. Shayne says:


    8. Sang says:

      keep calling my phone cursing

    9. Issac says:

      The suck....bug day and night!

    10. Kraig says:

      I keep getting a text message once a week. I do not open it. But it says "OMG <name>, I've made $8500 this week...". I do not know anyone in WY. I do not know this phone number. Reporting it.

    11. Wally says:

      I too gave my last four digits. Just don't give any credit card info. Expect a lot of more strange numbers calling you with same lame story. They ripped me off with $900. I then checked my credit report and no acct ever exsisted.  They never sent me a receipt nor letter of clearance. I did some research and they have to provide you with information from the unpaid debt through writing and give you few days to pay off. Block their calls!

    12. Raleigh says:

      Rip off artist - if someone gets this guy's name please post so I can sue.

    13. Rafael says:

      A new Home security telemarketer. Hung up on me when I politely asked to be placed on the Do No Call Listing

    14. Raul says:

      A Card Member Services is almost a daily call. Isn't there any way to stop these people?

    15. Percy says:

      I work alot and I'm unable to answer my personal cell phone the majority of the time. Very concerning on how they got my phone number. I would like my phone number to be kept private.