936-591 Phone Me Not

  • 936-591-0351
  • 936-591-0352
  • 936-591-0353
  • 936-591-0354
  • 936-591-0355
  • 936-591-0356
  • 936-591-0357
  • 936-591-0358
  • 936-591-0359
  • 936-591-0360
  • 936-591-0361
  • 936-591-0362
  • 936-591-0363
  • 936-591-0364
  • 936-591-0365
  • 936-591-0366
  • 936-591-0367
  • 936-591-0368
  • 936-591-0369
  • 936-591-0370
  • 936-591-0371
  • 936-591-0372
  • 936-591-0373
  • 936-591-0374
  • 936-591-0375
  • 936-591-0376
  • 936-591-0377

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    1. Bryan says:

      More often, the call hangs up before i can answer.  I've also had a recorded message left re a debt collector but I have perfect credit.  I've answered or picked up a message from the number and it was from someone I know that doesn't have that number.  Strange.

    2. Lowell says:

      Harrassing bill collection

    3. Kevin says:

      Keeps calling me I asked him to stop - He tells me I am running away - if I was running why is my # the same as it has been for many many years, Caller today left message he was from Internal Revenue Service Hung up and called back many many times How do you make him stop

    4. Elisha says:

      Called and didn't leave any message! Lame

    5. Jay says:

      I want to know all incoming and out going call details on my phone number.

    6. Valentin says:

      Yes.. my mother received the same call in California.. $38,000

    7. Brenton says:

      Has been calling my phone for 3 months....Dam Spam!

    8. Stacey says:

      Calls everyday around 9:30 a.m. never leaves a voicemail.

    9. Antonio says:

      I keep getting calls from 111 numbers, but my phone never rings, and the calls come in the middle of the night. I am really sick of these calls!!

    10. Arlie says:

      got a call this morning. they left a message saying i needed to call them, it was very important. he continued by saying if i dont call him back he wishes me luck with mu current "situation". i called back and they wanted me to verify info, and give them my attorneys info cause they were trying to charge me with check fraud. he said he would call my local police dept and they would "come get me". i have no idea what he is talking about, could barley understand him, he had a middle eastern accent. pretty sure it was some kind of scam, so i changed all my bank info.

    11. Otis says:

      My girlfriend keeps getting calls from various numbers, this one included. Invidual is a ,and keeps asking to speak with andrea. No last name is given. We are not assoiated with anyone name andrea.A resent call asking for andrea had a recording of my girlfriend's voice playing in the background, asking for them to stop calling her. Its getting creepy.

    12. Theodore says:

      They call, they don't leave a message except for background noise of a room full of people.

    13. Cleo says:

      hang ups. I call back they hang up on me

    14. Hipolito says:

      This number along with a 458-201-0249 calls 3-5 times a day...EACH!!! I don't answer but they don't leave messages either! As I've done some research the 678 is stating they are Dept of Treasury and the 458 is stating they are for some company that gives or wants money for disability.  BOTH ARE SCAMS!! I've already put my number in the national don't call me list.  I don't know what else to do for these numbers to stop calling me! AT&T provides call trace and call blocking for 4.95/mth... unsure if this is the next route to take!

    15. Michel says:

      everyday calling my business phone. Always hang up when i answer