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    1. Gayle says:

      I hate hearing a scratchy sound! Who knows the owner of this number! who calls me always!

    2. Ezekiel says:

      This number calls in with a 911 showing on the caller ID and Chris Martin is the "Officer" calling. They are very rude and will not give any information. Says my name was given to them from the court file on record and that this is a very serious matter..blah blah..I told him I have no court record and there is nothing filed against me anywhere and that i am more than able to find this out because of the local police here. He began to swear at me and then hung up...

    3. Stacy says:

      yaz birth control lawsuit

    4. Vern says:

      received a text message saying to call them

    5. Waldo says:

      I received the same $3000 loan call.They verified all of my address and email info, then told me the loan would be paid back at $140 per month for 24 months. My call disconnected. They called me back and continued saying to have $200 in cash when I called back the "Loan Officer" and they would tell me what to do then. Once I did so they would deposit my $1700 into my account plus my $200 deposit. I corrected the man on the amount I so\was to receive and then asked why I would require $200 to receive a loan I would be paying back with interest. The man on the other end became angry and demanded I just have the money when I called and that I would receive instructions at that time.... Then I am told to "Have a blessed day". The only thing blessed about my day was following my instincts to avoid these thieves!

    6. Deon says:

      Callback #029-037-4252 works to contact someone. So report solicitations. Many complaints & their telephone provider will have to cut service.

    7. Walter says:

      Some girl trying to be seductive left as voicemail saying give her a call.

    8. Shane says:

      Wilkerson Association 270-631-0300

    9. Hosea says:

      Got text message also. How can we stop this??  The company should be fined for this type of behavior. Maybe that would teach them.

    10. Quintin says:

      I received a call from 828-059-4744 on 05/07/2013 but did not answer and they did not leave a message.  When I dialed the number back, a recorded Verizon Wireless message came on that the number had been changed, disconnected or was no longer in service.

    11. Darell says:

      Not able to understand message

    12. Scotty says:

      I got a call from them saying about a job and no voice mail

    13. Arturo says:

      call and hang up every time

    14. Roman says:

      Call nonstop. Never leave message.

    15. Garfield says:

      This is a telemarketing call and when you call back you can request for them to put you on the do not call list as i was able to leave a message.