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    1. Javier says:

      Accts Receivable Consults?!?!

    2. Federico says:

      Not nice to call and hang up when I get out of bed to answer @ 1130 P.M!!

    3. Cortez says:

      Credit Card spammers maybe?

    4. Larry says:

      I get on average 3 to 4 calls a day from 207-226-0334. I did answer the call once and the other end is a dead line. Help! stop these calls.

    5. Giovanni says:

      I just got an order for 1000 NKG spark plugs (11-21-09).  Communicating via email using name Lang Lana and gave me an address in Jamaica, NY.  He gave me a credit card # and info.  I waited 5 days to run it to make sure it was not reported stolen.  Card was approved.  My wholesaler says he has sold 10 pkgs of these plugs in 2 years and 1000 packs is very excessive.  Buyer wants the items shipped to me and says he will fax a fed-ex label to me to ship to him.  Always signs off with Best Regards.  What is the scam exactly?  The card cleared (so far).  Do they then report it stolen?

    6. Dario says:

      got a call a min ago (1/30/13 - 1:09 PM) - rang twice - they hung up  before i answered, i have AT&T as my carrier

    7. Amos says:

      Ann from political oppions of america

    8. Robert says:

      Dead air and DC phone number.

    9. Jules says:

      Offered tax advice.I presses "1" to let the pay a person to speak to me.

    10. Lee says:

      They just called me and said they were from US Social Security

    11. Andres says:

      I do not want to receive any more calls from this number.  I don't need the service.

    12. Nicky says:

      I also received a call from them requesting the same information.  We do not have a checking/savings account with Fidelity.

    13. Gabriel says:

      I got a call from 1-130-276. Caller said hes calling from florida, Microsoft systems, and claims my computer system can crash any time. Was trying to get me to work on something on my computer while he directed me on the phone. When I started asking questions and asked him to send me his credibility via email since he already knows so much of my information he just hung up. I dont know how much information he has and who these people are. Anyone have any idea?

    14. Lionel says:

      i got a call from 312-683-9642, and they called twice and both times no message. they called at around 12pm and than they called an hour later and i dont answer numbers i dont know anything about. i have my number on the No call list and im wondering why im getting these phone calls. all i know is that they need to stop. and makes me want to change my number. its not right they are calling people that are on no call lists.

    15. Tyrone says:

      got phone call from this unwanted caller that's also calling from 214 208 5225 people out there be aware of people dont have nothing better in life to do.