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    1. Dorian says:

      Additional search shows it's a cell in Martinsdale, TX.  Ut not worth spending my money finding who its registered to.

    2. Jacques says:

      received weird text message from this number..

    3. Caleb says:

      Stupid pimp tlkn bout robn people, kuz he has some broke hoes

    4. Fletcher says:

      I really need to know whose number this is

    5. Damian says:

      4:00pm Friday called me I never answer area codes not associated with my country, this call was about a debt service to help me get out of debt Iam 16 and live with my parents and have no job or Debt so this is a complete scam. In the message I heard the options to press 1 to talk to an agent or 2 to be removed from there list, since I let my voicemail take this call it missed the first 5 seconds of the call So i never heard the company, I would advise you not to select the options and to just hang up, or better yet not answer at all, this is just another lowlife "Steady Creepin your bank info most likely " BEware. you have been warned : )

    6. Heath says:

      Cardholder services soliciting trips and contests.

    7. Duncan says:

      yep....same old, same old...why these criminals are not in prison by now is anyone's guess? - i think they operate out of Canada which i guess is part of the problem of prosecuting them in the US.

    8. Alberto says:

      Missed a call and immediately got a call back from the same number, answered and got no reply. Tried to call back but it just hangs up. JERKS!

    9. Jake says:

      I have filed a complaint with my county attorney as well as had HR present in calling them back. They always hang up on me before I can get my message across. There is no record of a suit against me with the county

    10. Kirk says:

      I have been getting text messages from this phone number and am getting very tired of it. I would like to know how I can get them to stop and also find out who is haressing me.  Thank you.

    11. Bernie says:

      OMG!! These losers have just called our business three times in 25 minutes. They called twice yesterday. There is never anyone there, just dead air. How many times do they have to freaking dial our number and not say anything??? What is the point of their business if they NEVER TALK?? I fill out an ...

    12. Amos says:

      I got this same number on my caller ID...I have never had an account with T-Mobile and have tried to call them back with no reveil...I wish they stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Aldo says:

      Spam/scam. I blocked them.

    14. Charley says:

      Obviously I got the same M&I Mastercard as the rest of you...LOL.

    15. Faustino says:

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