949-203 Phone Me Not

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    1. Kenton says:

      looking for a Colleen for civil court paperwork.

    2. Micah says:

      Fax call at 12:30 am to 1:30 am . Had to take phone off hook.

    3. Max says:

      You are a liar all on the day ur caught.

    4. Ike says:

      did you ever find out a way to block them from calling?

    5. Phillip says:

      this is the text message i got

    6. Jospeh says:

      I got a text message from this number informing me that I will be getting cat facts. Facts about cats.

    7. Brandon says:

      I keep getting calls from 270-977-8489. They call at a time when I'm not home. The same unintelligent imbecile leaves a message. After my answering machine says please leave a message, they always say "Chuck, Chuck, is Chuck home?" pause, and hang up. My husband Chuck died in 2011. And what idiots would say that to an answering machine. I want these calls stopped!!  Thanks!

    8. Eldon says:

      recieved a phone call no message

    9. Israel says:

      They call me every 2 to 3 hours and when I answer they don't say anything

    10. Marco says:

      The previous ownwer of this number must have been receiving porn/phone solicitation from this number. I have tried everything I know how to stop the calls and texting from them. I'm hoping this block will help...

    11. Lacy says:

      He sounded like he was from over seas. He was talking Charlie brown talk.

    12. Randell says:

      They are and will be relentless, calling every so often day and night, weekends or workdays. Best things are: if you do not recognize who is calling then do not answer, block that phone number and many others they will come up with. Keep on reporting them on the net and train the kids not to answer unless the ID is on the ok list. May be just for fun, call them back using *67 and use an air horn to blow their ear drums off, tell them they can sue if they want.

    13. Ramon says:

      The caller called us @19:03 & 19:03, 03/06/2013. I returned the called 03/08/2013. Message : The code or number is incorrect ( Man's voice, always).. many similar calls has been from New Jersey.

    14. Willie says:

      I get a call twice every 3 hours. When I answer there is a long pause. They never leave a message.

    15. Sergio says:

      This is the 5th time they called today!! What part of f*** off don't they understand?!