949-289 Phone Me Not

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    1. Kyle says:

      I got 1 call from this number

    2. Murray says:

      I accidentally answered the call but I thought the area code was 201 since I looked at the caller ID so quickly and then realized it was not the call I was expecting.  The man said he was from AT&T and I told him I could not talk and was expecting a very important call and he was very rude to me.  I have heard that WBS is not AT&T but I don't know that for sure.  They used to call every day several times a day a few months ago, which was so annoying.  I put in a complaint and the calls stopped but it appears they are starting again.  I hvae privacy director but since it is not a private # it comes through.

    3. Mauro says:

      Some one called my sister from this number making threats he is a rapist stay away from a man named eddie.

    4. Ned says:

      I was woken up at 1:35AM and the caller hung up without saying anything.

    5. Nathan says:

      Since some say this is phone number supposed to be the White House, in your case it must be the Casa Blanca.

    6. Arnoldo says:

      SCfjqy <a href="http://bzlkzbdluurp.com/">bzlkzbdluurp</a>

    7. Alec says:

      A lady Called today, said that she had two clients interested in my 5th wheel trailer. If I could pay 299.00 to move my add to her website, the clients would contact me directly. I had a 90 day guarantee that I could get my money back if I did not sell my trailer through her website.

    8. Milton says:

      I wish do not share any person

    9. Lucius says:

      Have read several complaints that this is a cellphone number not belonging to a legitimate business. Fake website, no contact, etc

    10. Joan says:

      Same story as everyone else, the say credit card services, but when you start asking them specifics they hang up, I even asked, why does this number show up on google as a scam he said "It shouldn't" I said well wait while I get online and I will read you what it says and he h.up

    11. Jesus says:

      Another call from 151-094-3304.

    12. Richard says:

      Got a call from this number on my private cell. There are only 2 people who have this number and still I got call. Looks like they are randomly calling people.

    13. Dennis says:

      Spam two calls no Awnser and this is my work phone

    14. Duncan says:

      I got a text from this number saying, "[My name], You have been hand selected to try our new Health Product for free. Register at: www.8smoke.com" I've never seen the number or the website...

    15. Sterling says:

      Received 2 calls from this number at 12:12am and one text message. i called this morning to see who it was and got a voice mail from some INDIAN Accent. later today i noticed my gmail account has a activity in TEXAS and I AM from FLORIDA> very suspicious.... be careful.