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    1. Emile says:

      I've received 4 calls from this number and finally on the 4th call someone actually answered when I said hello. They were trying to give me a $500 drawing or something and when I told them I wasn't interested, and that I wanted off their list since no one seems to answer when you pick up anyway, she literally kept yelling over me to get through her script. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she kept talking about the drawing and then she "transferred" me. As soon as she said she was transferring me the call ended. So annoying and I don't know how they got my number.

    2. Benjamin says:

      constantly sending me messages to my phone that I don't want

    3. Mike says:

      Call in Spanish. Very fast and sloppy, too. Call back gets a fake "number has been disconnected" message.

    4. Greg says:

      For 3 days this number has been calling me numerous times and hanging up everytime I answer! I call back and get a busy signal! This is annoying and total BS!

    5. Darrick says:

      Spam text, scam claiming I have won a best buy gift card. I have now received this twice from two different numbers.

    6. Harry says:

      If you check your Google voice account online, you'll see that it calls that number each time you get a message.  I just noticed it after my phone was stolen and it was the only activity on my account.  I checked Google voice to see if I had missed any messages, and then the mystery was solved.

    7. Otto says:

      got a call from this number saying i qualified for a trip to florida and wanted to confirm my postal code, i hung up....

    8. Rupert says:

      Please stop calling wrong number

    9. Lyle says:

      This number keeps prank calling me.

    10. Geoffrey says:

      a bill colector dish network...

    11. Tyron says:

      They keep calling, since I do not know this number I don't answer

    12. Solomon says:

      Spam. They call me everyday and I have blocked them however the number still gets through.

    13. Marvin says:

      Mortgage company spam/scam

    14. Alfonzo says:

      With this economy lock raate

    15. Cliff says:

      got a call from this number - they left no message. And they call every single day