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    1. Rudolph says:

      Received a text from 1-100-100-5079 that had four numbers and that's all in the body. The same 4 numbers that are my voice mail password.

    2. Hassan says:

      calls over and over trying to get money out of you claims so you can make money... it is fraud....

    3. Reynaldo says:

      Call received, no message left. Caller ID shows only the number, no name.

    4. Waldo says:

      No one is answering the call when I pick up the phone. when I call the number back i get an error. no area code is associated with this number. these calls from 268-0005 need to stop immediately.

    5. Oliver says:

      I just had a call on my landline from 111 019 1013. My display showed unavailable. I usually don't answer calls of this kind. He wanted to help me with my computer. I hung up.

    6. Reuben says:

      Robert got a call to do a survey of 10 questions and he could win a trip. And to go to a web site

    7. Greg says:

      Said they were calling about  Bank of America about the recent settlement - I told them good luck and hung up - BofA let a $2200.00 I.D. theft go to collections on my credit card, they can go to HELL !

    8. Alfred says:

      Political scum....He keeps calling here and waking us up just to advertise promote himself using our dwindling tax money..... My family sleeps odd hours, and this has become intolerable to say the least. When will it be America's turn for a revolution? Marat and Robespierre in 2012!

    9. Waylon says:

      Dead air and then disconnected.

    10. Leif says:

      It is west asset management.

    11. Efren says:

      She said something about insurance or debt help.  I was furious cause it was 5PM...I told her that I'm on the no call list and  I'd sue her if she called again.   I reported this to the no call registry.

    12. Ignacio says:

      These people called my work, my parents and my sister.  I called them back and told them I was reporting them to the FBI Internet crimes division.  They are scam artists.  File a report witht he FCC every time they call you and report them to the FBI Internet Crimes division.  There are huge fines incurred for this type of fradulent claims.

    13. Joan says:

      Got a call from this number.Caller ID said unknown. Left no message. Probably spam. I will never answer if I don't know the number. Anyone that wants to speak to me will leave a message.

    14. Kurtis says:

      I keep getting calls from this number....They have even called my uncle who I don't have listed on anything. Who are they...I know there a scam but how to stop them

    15. Moshe says:

      Caller said they are <something> investment.  I asked the caller to repeat this and they hanged up.