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    1. Eugenio says:

      This same number showed up on my caller ID as a missed number and when I called it back all I got was a busy signal.

    2. Ivan says:

      I just got a call from the same company it was a Tracy this time and of course the # comes up on the caller ID all 0's and she had a very strong accent. At 1st almost bought into it until she said I would have to go to western Union to get my money, well I kept listening just to see what they had to say, but once she said I would have to put a nonrefundable deposit og 150.00 I told them naw I dont think so I aint buying into this scam, Hopefully they dont call me back, bacause I am gonna go off on them and I will report them to the FED's

    3. Danial says:

      I called the number back after they called me twice and did not leave a message. The phone picked up and someone just laughed like a child and hung up on me

    4. Doyle says:

      I've been texting them all day hope it ties up their line

    5. Miles says:

      Three phone calls in one morning to my husband on his cell, looking for me. He asks if he can take a message and the guy hangs up. I called the number myself (twice) and got only his voicemail. Very annoying.

    6. Antonia says:

      Calls on Sunday & late evenings

    7. Cristobal says:

      California is a community property state. Any necessary debt (such as medical debt) that accrues during a marriage is the legal responsibility of the spouse!

    8. Carmen says:

      Credit card fee reduction scam

    9. Wes says:

      Trying to tell me about a great vacation I had just won

    10. Will says:

      pay your bills and they will stop. I did. thats the solution!

    11. Chance says:

      ive been getting tons of these call but they just hang up when i answer

    12. Delbert says:


    13. Herman says:

      This is a piece of s**t "attorney" office in Birmingham, AL  that can't get work doing legit lawyer stuff, so they feed off the bottom and harass people who can't afford to pay their bills on time.  Real scum.  Low life pigs.

    14. Eldridge says:

      Keeps calling no message..

    15. Mike says:

      Recorded message saying they have tried to reach me and this is my final notice to reduce my interest rate on all my credit cards