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    1. Gerardo says:

      strange number. Who is this?

    2. Cortez says:

      Collection Agency!!! Rude people. Block.

    3. Benny says:

      Keeps dialing my cell phone.Please stop calling as I advised you that I am on the do not call register.

    4. Chet says:

      CLAIM YOUR FREE PRIZE HERE --- http://www.claimyourprizenow.netIf you received a text message from http://www.apple.com.todayswinners.info

    5. Geraldo says:

      getting calls from this number, who is this? when calling it back, recording states that the number cant be dailed...????

    6. Michel says:

      I got the exact same emails from my craiglist ad for some hockey items. I thought it was fishy after this letter, he had me going at first. Here is the latest email he sent me.

    7. Kristofer says:

      After my post on 2/25/08, have received two more calls from this number. Called ID said Moore Associates. Did a Google and found they are a reputable research firm from Southfield, MI. They call you and ask you questions about employment, layoffs, etc. I just dont know how they got my number, and I am on the National donot call list along with my cell number. Annoying, but are nice people.

    8. Marcus says:

      stop 329-9979 from calling     annoying

    9. Tyrone says:

      Received a text from the above number stating, " Thanks for visiting our site! Call now for details on a $200 Gas Voucher!"

    10. Buford says:

      Too many phone calls to count. Shows up as Unknown ID

    11. Duncan says:

      Thanks for this. Just got a call. Shut em down. We have a department that reports them to the government.

    12. Duane says:

      this # called my cell, I didn't answer since it was a California No., per my CallerID,  when I called back from my landline using call block, this number had a recording that it was a "non-working" number???  must be telemarketers attempting to avoid Do Not Call List complaints...

    13. Hector says:

      This is to confirm a vital check order where I ordered a birth record.

    14. Man says:

      Same here...multiple calls. is there anything that can be done?

    15. Nicolas says:

      This person is using this nimber as a contact to make fraudulant purchases on EBay. Dialing this number does mot work.