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    1. Jayson says:

      called and knew my name, then hung up without any message. I tried to call back and number is constantly busy

    2. Mary says:

      Call received at 3 in the morning, no message

    3. Cordell says:

      I just got a call from this # caller ID said Tacoma, WA & when I answered after a few seconds I heard a beep and when it disconnected my phone immediately went to an Apple iTunes webpage that said your computer doesn't have iTunes click here to download it, then it wouldn't let me back out & it totally froze-up my phone. That's BS. So be warned! This sounds like a class action suit to me.

    4. Roman says:

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    5. Wilburn says:

      They keep calling me sending me emails and i dnt have a yahoo acc. But they cteated me on for some reason... Please block this number

    6. Frank says:

      Is there any way to figure out who the number belongs to?

    7. Cruz says:

      Further ur college education

    8. Nathaniel says:

      A Lady called me asking me if I knew about a new product that had hit the market, i asked her to delete my number and to stop calling me.

    9. Timothy says:

      Receive calls at my home phone number several times a week. I do not accept calls from unknown numbers. Tried to call number back and get message that says the number you have dialed is not in service. I also receive calls from several 800 numbers constantly - very annoying.

    10. Craig says:

      J'ai reçu un appel de ce numéro, la personne a laissé un message sans rien dire. Elle ne faisait que respirer lentement. Très effrayant!

    11. Cristopher says:

      Card Services...... My 2nd and final notice.....I'm on the do not call list, why do they keep calling ?

    12. Abram says:

      To the answering machine: When the call is made .. it sounds like there is a lot of background noise ... i do not answer ... finally the caller says hello ... then they hang up.Hellcom .. the call from hell I guess. Annoying as such also.

    13. Bryon says:

      THEY TOLD ME THat too lol

    14. Glen says:

      I keep getting a text mesg from 801-222-2357 and all it says is to text if you would like them to stop, i have texted stop to them several times..

    15. Sebastian says:

      It is some medicine place I don't know about...