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    1. Dwain says:

      this person is rude and nasty if u get a text ore a phone call from this person dont talk to them

    2. Quentin says:

      Interesting. They called me about the same time they called you two (I'm just now getting around to checking this call out). Wouldn't leave a message. I'm guessing this is going to be something like "Rachel from credit card services" starting up with a new number.

    3. Evan says:

      They did the same to me! I think it's a fraud!!

    4. Jim says:

      I got a call from this number yesterday. A man with an indian accent told me it was for some loan and I said "I have never signed up for a loan, so take me off of your list and stop calling!" Then he mumbled something. I thought I heard what he said but I didnt believe my ears. So I said "What did you just say?" he said "You're a mother **cker." I said "Wow, I thought thats what you said, and no I'm not." He said "You're a mother **cker, you want to **ck me." I said, "I cant believe that you are saying this right now, are you for real?!" So he continued.. "You want to do sexual things for me, you should come here and **ck me." I said " I hope that you and your coworkers are getting a good laugh out of this, Im going.. take me off of your list and dont call back." He said "Wait, just kiss me, just come here and kiss me." I just said "This is the most ridiculous phone call that I have ever received. Good bye."

    5. Emmitt says:

      Lots of calls over recent months from this annoying pest.

    6. Damion says:

      this number calls me very often I try to call them back but a recording says that this number is not available! !! it's from Washington! !

    7. Allan says:

      Attorney's Office Scott Powers

    8. Stanley says:

      the email was from jwucareerdevelopmentusa@usa.comregarding the job.

    9. Abraham says:

      this fax line calls me at 4:23 AM. This need to stop

    10. Jerome says:

      This person called my wife and asked what my birthday was. Wouldn't devulge why he had called without knowing...

    11. Renaldo says:

      They've been calling me non-stop for 2 days! Who are they?

    12. Ernie says:

      This man sam called me and said that he needed to speak to the owner of my company. I said "I apologize sir, He is in a meeting. Can I take down your name, number, and a brief message." He then said "My name is Sam Dailey and I need to speak with the owner of your company." I replied, I am sorry sir, he is in a meeting, what is this in reference to? He said "a Merchant account, but like I have already told you I need to speak to the owner of the company." I said "well I can give him this message but I need to know the name of the company and what this merchant account is in reference to." He then proceed to become loud and aggravated with me and said "I don't know why you are getting smart with me. I demand to be transferred to the owner RIGHT NOW." I said that once again he was in a meeting but that if he was going to be rude to me I wouldn't be delivering the message. He yelled at me and said "you don't deserve to have your job, give me to the owner." I said "the owner is my dad, I'll interrupt his meeting, tell him I don't deserve my job and that you would like to speak to him. I then yelled "DAD!" and Mr. Dailey hung up. I told my father and we tried to call Mr. Dailey back on the work phone, he ignored it. My dad called him back from my cell phone and he answered and then hung up. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL and RUDE

    13. Refugio says:

      I got a call 2/11/2012 @ 7 pm  pretending it was from a computer center ( turn out to be sexual harassment) very disturbing .

    14. Ivan says:

      Keep getting calls from these jerks even after I had signed on to keep from getting these kind of calls on my land line and my cell.  So much for that protection!

    15. Miles says:

      They are so rude with me....i hate them....Dont trust them at all....F*** You Motherf*****