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    1. Gerardo says:

      Obvisouly you work for a small firm as companies like CDW, Insight, and PCConnection actually try to partner with the IT staffs of firms to make thier jobs easier in terms of solutions and projects. If you let them know that you are the IT director and dont want to talk everyday....they wont call....but they probably would like to know some details of your firm in case a problem arises and nagate the need to profile your network at that time to provide a solution that works.

    2. Ellsworth says:

      If you are interested in working with the Federal Government and getting zillions of contacts press one.

    3. Julius says:

      By BRIAN ROSS (@brianross) , CINDY GALLI and MATTHEW MOSK (@mattmosk)

    4. Rufus says:

      The caller ID shows HBW; no message left.

    5. Julius says:

      same on my caller ID Asset Acceptance - debt collector

    6. Lyman says:

      Bus Name    Free Bets Free

    7. Nolan says:

      womens drug advocates fund raising

    8. Trinidad says:

      called twice both within 2 hours said something about home break ins then i hung up

    9. Stan says:

      Keeps harassing me..stocking me..an bother ing me

    10. Silas says:

      a male voice called from this number and recorded left this" hello...umh...fu@# 'em" and hung up

    11. William says:

      This dude never called, sent me a text message with like a 2 minute audio mms, which told me who he was but not very clearly. In the message it said something about hiring everyone from cops to convicts etc ... so yeah... weird. Strange thing was when I asked him who he was in the text message, no reply

    12. Oswaldo says:

      Get mr number and stop these calls

    13. Jacinto says:

      And 051 is another invalid exchange

    14. Andreas says:

      i just got one too yelling at me to give her my security code so they can access my computer and show me what malicious spyware is downloading..the more I questioned her..the more pissed she got

    15. Burt says:

      This number has called several times over the last few weeks. I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize and they never leave a message. According to another site, called Spokeo, this numer belongs to a telemarketer.