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    1. Eugene says:

      Tel West Communications LLC filed cessation with the Washington Utilities Commission in July of 2008. Tel West does not operate in WA state nor does it have any subscribers in the area code 253. Jeff Swickard has no affiliation with a telemarketing company and simply owned a telecommunications company in Washington that was sold over five years ago.Unfortunately since we are not the provider of 253-246-8543, we are unable to assist you in your Do Not Call efforts. I would encourage you to contact your local telephone provider to see if they can block this line for you. If you continue to be unsuccessful in your efforts, you may file a consumer complaint with the WUTC via their website at www.wutc.wa.gov .Our efforts indicate the local telecommunications provider of this line is Pacific Telecommunications Group.

    2. Paris says:

      "COAST HILLS C.U. ALERT: Your CARD has been DEACTIVATED. Please contact us at 805-244-8015."

    3. Mitchel says:

      Didn't answer. Left empty voicemail.

    4. Maurice says:

      Kept recieving phone calls from this caller.

    5. Denny says:

      Never let this call come thru

    6. Gaylord says:

      This person keeps calling me about every hour. One time he left me a voicemail, which was blank. So far he has called me about 4 times

    7. Jacinto says:

      I received this message from this number as well- ;) a.dd me on y! msngr ... ID is zoeflirty6

    8. Leif says:

      Some crazy lady. Stalking me

    9. Jake says:

      called twice. they're trying get debit/credit card #'s so they can send you 25$ walmart gift cards. they ask very stupid questions.

    10. Graig says:

      Just got a call from this number and its in reference to an old "friend" thinking that my number was the "friend."  The message the woman left said they're calling from the "firm of Intrinsic." "Friend" has allegations of fraud apparently so they woman left the message saying they have her driver's license, social security and whatever else to proceed on a case against her in her local district.  Bad luck for her.

    11. Rodney says:

      Nu-Crete (New Crete) Designs is the trusted source for decorative concrete in Baton Rouge. Specializing in stained & scored concrete floors, stamped concrete, pool decks and patios and many more.

    12. Tad says:

      Just very aggressive collector

    13. Donnell says:

      Weird girl. She has a profile on www.sugardaddyforme.com and her profile name is SeaInADream. Claims to be a student at UCLA, but contacted me as an escort/call girl.

    14. Barry says:

      Unknown number called speaking in Spanish

    15. Sandy says:

      No response when I answer