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    1. Lemuel says:

      Looks nothing like any of her pics!! Extremely skinny and ratchet

    2. Rob says:

      Very Aggressive Spam. He calls at least 6 times a day from multiple numbers. Always the same person. Calls me Debra and tells me its important to take my medication. When I tell him I am not Debra he tries to sell me medication.

    3. Paris says:

      Excessive harassment on my home phone too

    4. Rickie says:

      Ya even i got the call saying this is a call from Maruthi suzuki and they disconnected the call

    5. Neville says:

      This is total fraud!!!!!!!!! 1st if a person dosent give u the name of the company then that is the first suspicion second if they can't tell you where they got your information from this is total fraud they just want your information so they can steal your identity while you apply you fill out the application with your personal info .... This phone number is from FLorida ....in Texas.....total fraud 1903 central dr suite 305 bedford tx 76021

    6. Ellis says:

      Received our 2nd call from Caroline Cunningham--supposedly that's her name and she will not tell us anymore information except she needs to speak with my boss only. WHATEVER !! Also I requested to be deleted from the list and she said "what list" "we don't have a list" so I exclaimed to quit calling here, you are wasting our time. All she said was "it's my time too"--you can't even reason with these scam artists.. crazy!

    7. Len says:

      They don't stop calling even if you talk to a supervisor they don't talk to you or they hang up on you. Just want them to STOP. I'm on the no call list but that doesn't Stop Them

    8. Dewey says:

      Home Security Automation

    9. Elliott says:

      They called me office which i work at a hospital, the man gave his name as Albert Smith that he is from the Federal Legislatice department that i needed to hold while he connected me to his supervisor, he came back to the line and stated his supervisor is busy that i needed to call 1-888-201-6971 right back, so i called and they asked for my last name i gave it then he asked me if i knew i had an civil suites in maryland, i stated no then he proceeded to read of my SS number and i told him no it wasnt right and he hung up on me. This is a scam but i would still get fraud protection due to they know your Social Security number change bank accounts everything!!!!

    10. Elijah says:

      i got a call from mr steve boche he works for comcast buisness class and he will try and rip you off he wasted atleast 10 hrs of my time between driving to and from the house where i needed service and talking to other comcast employees trying to straighten everything out

    11. Bradley says:

      SCAM,they pose as a World Recovery Systems and tried to get me to pay of a debt that i owed to a bank. They knew some information about one of closed accounts. I had them speak to a Branch manager who found no trace of such thing after a while they hung up the phone on us. After looking around online for a while i found no legitimate records of their business.

    12. Kermit says:

      they have called everyday this week but if I do not know who it is I let it ring. They do not leave a voicemail

    13. Irvin says:

      6 calls today. How can you make this stop?

    14. Gabriel says:

      I received 3 calls but no one said anything when I answered!!

    15. Buford says:

      VIVINT Security is a ligit alarm company.