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    1. Malcolm says:

      FYI - I called SSFCU this morning, because they're the ones who have the resources and motivation to stop it. They were already completely aware. (I just called their local number for account holders — which I'm not, but figured they'd connect me to the right peole – and when I said I think I need to talk to your Fraud Dept, she said "Is this the phone phishing thing? Oh, honey, we already know." She said their phones are ringing off the hook.

    2. Lee says:

      Two calls today to my workplace. All you hear are a bunch of "Hello? Hello??!!" then get disconnected. For the second call I just hung up. Clearly its a recording. I called the number back to get a recording about being able to get a "free" home security system installed. I can not believe people are still falling for this kind of stuff. Another call I get to report to the Do Not Call registry....only to be completely ignored....

    3. Carter says:

      do not want this # calling or texting me

    4. Boyce says:

      received a call 1:28pm, left no message

    5. Harris says:

      two text messages @ 6:20 am. First message ( I C U) ,reply (?) second text message (I SAWED U), reply Who is this? no response

    6. Alexander says:

      My dad told me the caller kept asking for me by name, and my dad would ask who it was, the caller would ignore the question and keep asking for me by name. Caller ID shows Wilmington, DE. I don't know anyone from Delaware, so I have no clue.

    7. Fredric says:

      You have to pay for the loan wack.

    8. Norberto says:

      calls my cell at least once a day but does not let it ring long enough for me to answer

    9. Elmer says:

      You should also contact the police.

    10. Paris says:

      Hello I keep getting phone calls from them too when they leave a message they don't state what company they are and they don't say who they are calling for...if u answer when they call it says that all the representative are busy and will be with u in a moment but then after waiting for someone to pick up they just hang up

    11. Guy says:

      keep getting a call from this number but when i answer the call disconnects.

    12. Long says:

      They're calling random people repeatedly, asking if they use "curly perms on African American hair." The answer is no and stop calling me before you're reported to the police.

    13. Stan says:

      Everyday I get this number about 2-3 times and it drives me crazy. At first I was scarred but not I'm just annoyed. Grr.

    14. Maynard says:

      Call from them on 12/13/10. No Idea who it is, sure it is a scam! Watch out

    15. Clarence says:

      send it straight to my voice mail