973-236 Phone Me Not

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    1. Andrea says:

      Looks like someone is using an autodialer. I am also on the DNC...which means if we can locate these b*****ds we can each get $250 from them for the violation.

    2. Cesar says:

      This is a scam - The Attorney General here in NC has warned us that these people take your money and deliver nothing - They recommend that whatever you do, do not give them any information and report the call to Attorney General - I am sure there are other states out there who also have warned people

    3. Roscoe says:

      these ppl called and said they would rape me and kidnap me so yea they r fake

    4. Freeman says:

      they call trying to sell you emergency medical equipment.

    5. Manuel says:

      theperson never stops texting me

    6. Ervin says:

      What the heck? This is a weird telephone number. I didn't answer the phone and they left no message. I have no idea what the call was about.

    7. Shelby says:

      Wrong number numerous times

    8. Darron says:

      They called and started making noises. It was oblivious.

    9. Lanny says:

      Caller claimed to be from Bank of America and wanted to confirm information on a recent application for loan I submitted. I told him I hasn't applied for a loan with BOA or anyone and he still tried to illicit information from me.

    10. Lon says:

      hey ppl i got charge by my telephone company 4.90 dollars for 14 messages that got sent from my cell phone to the number 331 364 7893 also like a week before there was the issue of my cellphone conection by itself to internet and purchasing a week of data pass, when i call my phone carrier company they told me there was no way that this could happen that I surely made those messages, I did open a case with them so they ITs could look into it... the funny things is that if this is happening now what can be done to stop them later and really get me with a bigger bill next time... I could use some help here to understand what or how this is happening and if anyone know about something similar... should I report it to the police? is that going to help? what should I do? i mean my cellphone never leaves my side and for sure I never let no body to used and how this 14 messages got send from my cellphone is driving me crazy...

    11. Emil says:

      They were speaking spanish

    12. Harlan says:

      got a text message just before 4:30am central. just said "hey." I dont know anyone in denver!

    13. Ulysses says:

      same call, same scenario. A man who called himself Shawn Trade (he spelled it, at my request) and had what sounded like an Indian accent.  He told me that my computer had downloaded some malicious files and was in very bad condition.  He wanted me to open my windows operating system.  I kept asking questions but didn't do what he asked.

    14. Waylon says:

      fake fake fake pictures imposter escort (323)405-7573 i thought i was going to get a hot latin woman but when I arrived it was a light skinned black transgender wo-man I said wrong room but I was freaked out

    15. Glen says:

      send me the money to card at bank of america 4717170000406998 can u hah