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    1. Weldon says:

      "---, how are you today?"

    2. Marcellus says:

      ADA = American Diabetes Association  

    3. Ronnie says:

      Just called me, didn't answer

    4. Chi says:

      call 1 800 741 7181 and provide the reference # if available.  They can remove you from the call list.  I would hope that you can provide a phone # as well if you don't ever get the message with the reference #.

    5. Gus says:

      Several calls a night. I answer and they hang up. would love to get to talk to someone. pi**sses me off. Been on the Do not call list over 2 years. May have to take my next vacation in Maine and visit this place.

    6. Ted says:

      A prerecord message asked me if I am me and if so, to press #1. Of course I did hang up as from my experience those are call from SCAMMERS & FRAUDSTERS!

    7. Melvin says:

      he does ac work. I had a horrible experience. not a professional company at all. I do not recommend.

    8. Nicholas says:

      This miscreant called my number and then proceeded to verbally abuse me.  He began by saying that he was with the Federal Grant company and when I disputed the validity of his call, began berating me in broken english.  I then received several more calls that consisted of this foreign piece of sh*t calling me names and threatening me.  Oh, to get my hands on this guy!

    9. Spencer says:

      Got this call on my cell, didn't answer and they didn't leave a message... a very weird number.

    10. Santo says:

      Me too. So freaking annoying, especially when you're little ones are napping.

    11. Howard says:

      They called about 15 times during the morning, no one on the other line, a fax tone beeping.

    12. Dorsey says:

      This number 510-943-3040 and 161-258-1659 has been calling everyday telling me to turn on my computer, I told him i dont own a computer several times and he still keeps calling. Today he called again and my wife answered she said stop calling here i dont have a computer then this east indian f**k started saying "i want to f**k you, i want to lick your pu**y" to my wife. This guy took it too far now I'm going to take it into my own hands stop this harrasment.

    13. Rick says:

      2 texts.First said Destiny, second GoodEvening Destiny

    14. Elvis says:

      yup...same here...it is crazy how there are so many usless people out there trying to live through scams like this. the good thing is  that it is getting old and we are more aware of all this sh_ _!!

    15. Joe says:

      yes I got called twice, once last night and tonight, they sound like they are from India and they said they work for windows and wanted to help me check my computer to see if any male-ware or viruses had gotten in.. I almost fell for it and then I started questioning them and said no thanks, then tonight when they called agian, I told them they were a scam and I was going to report them and to never call back