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    1. Rudolph says:

      A missed call was there when i saw my phone . When I called that number back to know who was the person , It said that the number is not given to any body. What's the matter ? I can't understand . Please help , Sir/Madam.

    2. Barton says:

      Nothing they just hung up

    3. Timmy says:

      Same number auto dials for several different telemarketing scams.  I got 8 calls from this number today starting at 8:05am until now at 7:09pm - the first played a recording to do some type of credit card debt reduction (scam), the rest were for mortgage modification or mortgage forgiveness scams.

    4. Ron says:

      I did some digging online and I think it is a paging company, called Silver Strand Enterprises , or Emmerson Enterprises, at 29009 Silver Creek Rd, Agoura, CA 91301.  Thomas Luczak and his phone is:  805-371-4424.  Give a call, I'm sure he would welcome the intrusion.

    5. Leo says:

      This is a spam call.... I don't know who these people are.. And I wish they would stop calling me.

    6. Dudley says:

      Did not answer, no message left. SPAM?

    7. Dillon says:

      sms spam "hi haven't talked in a while www.dateonlinelinks.com i have pice there"

    8. Genaro says:

      Caller ID Name: shows either Rockford IL or a number, 801-214-9297

    9. Waldo says:

      they were offering system alarm for home

    10. Hai says:

      Caller ID comes up ORDERSCONFIRM both times they offered $120.00 in free gas coupons if I signed up for a free trial for 30 days then it would be $29.95 charge per month unless I canceled with an 800 number. I immediately told them I was not interested. They called an hour later and started the same lines all over again, stating they where from Market Strategies, and because I recently made a purchase with my Visa I was eligible...

    11. Kim says:

      Got a call at 9:30AM on my home landline this AM. NO MESSAGE and INADEQUATE INFORMATION on Caller ID. Said only "FLORIDA". We ARE planning a trip to FLORIDA, however, these places where we have made reservations HAD BETTER NOT BE SELLING/TRADING OUR NAME/PHONE NUMBER to TELEMARKETERS or they are going to have a LAWSUIT on their hands! If you have a LEGITIMATE reason to call us, LEAVE A MESSAGE, IDIOTS! OTHERWISE you are 100% SPAM.

    12. Bo says:

      in search of Yaz, etc. to join class action lawsuit.

    13. Elias says:

      When I called the number I waited for business after hours and it said it was drive time

    14. Clayton says:

      Political survey and promise of reward

    15. Hershel says:

      This number keeps textin me *happy birthday and its not my birthday thats the same text they keep sendin me at 5 in the mornin