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    1. Rayford says:

      I also received a check for 2400 dollars and told to do the same. I did not cash the check but I intervened and contact the bank it was drawn on and also the company in which the check was written. The company is in New Hampshire and the bank is Rhode Island. I called the company in Merrimack, NH which is called PC Connection, Inc zip code 03054 (206)202-3475 and Robin, accounts recievable, to varify if the checkm is good. I also faxed her a copy of the check. I didn't tell her that I was going to send her a copy of the address that the Fed Ex had. Neither have I heard from her and her voice mail keeps coming on. I strongly believe that this company is a scam.

    2. Mauricio says:

      spam text about walmart gift card

    3. Sanford says:

      Received call at 10:23 a.m. 8/16. Didnt' answer. No message was left. Called back and got a busy signal.

    4. Cedrick says:

      Spam text from this number, "apple is looking for blah blah blah <> i went to there website and at the bottom unsubscribed my phone, hopefully this will stop them. url: http://iphone5betas.com

    5. Eddy says:


    6. Ezra says:

      they called I didnt answer

    7. Valentin says:

      Getting spam from this dude as well, but I definitely haven't given my number out to any website. :-/

    8. Carmen says:

      Called 9 times in 10 minutes.I answered  at call 10.  Leslie (who asked for my husband by name) said she was with "Energy Conservation Company" and that the government has approved a stimulus to give homeowners up to $5,000. I told her I was not interested.  She said that the energy audit would cost nothing.  I told her I was not interested, thank you, goodbye.

    9. Garry says:

      Yet another Best Buy gift card SPAM.

    10. Isreal says:

      keep texting my phone dont know who they are

    11. Bennie says:

      "Did you hand me a power cord for the wireless mics power supply whenever? We have one lying around here but I don't remember you handing me one but if you did then will know that that was dead but we need to match it up and get a new one? That was rambling and made little sense; these drugs are great. 9:50 am on Jan. 16

    12. Jerrold says:

      sent me a text did not have in my contacts

    13. Vicente says:

      I found the number on my caller ID.

    14. Quinton says:

      the school had many lines keep changeing them

    15. Clifton says:

      This number is annoying me daily