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    1. Marcellus says:

      When I answer, they hang up.

    2. Hai says:

      Get numerous calls from 209-858-3548.  Sometimes a person asks for us by name and when we answer, they hang up.  OR, sometimes they just put us on hold and leave it there.  Many, many times, they call and hang up. They are extremely rude, and we have heard laughing and cursing [F words] at the other end of the phone line.

    3. Henry says:

      Calls multiple times, NEVER leaves a message.

    4. Marcelo says:

      Phone scam for cruise! I don't care at all!

    5. Keenan says:

      hassing eoman beater. pimp

    6. Keneth says:

      i got a text messageis this for real if so i ould like to know how to be able to get this loan to consolidate my bills into one monthly payment

    7. Dallas says:

      Weird automated message about accepting caller

    8. Shaun says:

      Answered but no one said anything they call early in the mournin and late at night no respect

    9. Andres says:

      received several calls from this #.  when I tried to call back, no one picked up.  I see from several posts that it's a marketing company.  not answering if they call again.  3/19/11

    10. Barrett says:

      Now why would you think such a moronic thing like that? If you google, you find these guys are an Energy company who enroll customers into energy cost savings programs in deregulated states.

    11. Melvin says:

      They are a fraud, they will try to still your information through your email.

    12. Elton says:

      If i ansewer they hang up so am sayimg to all of u block the number

    13. Mohammad says:

      Call 248-239-4000 and request to be taken off of their call list.  I also went on their web site and sent a message to them.

    14. Aaron says:

      Texted my wife and asked for me personally to buy something I had. My wife was very upset and texted them back saying "This is his wife's phone number." And then they replied, "Oops, wrong number."

    15. Brock says:

      This gentleman goes by the name of John Hollow and started calling me last month. I politely and REPEATEDLY informed him that he was calling my celo phone that I use for work and that I did not know any woman by the name of Virginia Baker. After a week- the phone calls stopped. As of 3 days ago he has started calling me again. Yesterday he called me a grand total of 22 times. I have now firmly told him that I will file a police report and yet he continued. I have even yelled at him. My phone has a block caller feature that I have utilized, however, it sends his calls straight to my voice mail and he is now relishing in filling my voice mail box up. He curses andthen sometimes states that he is looking for a Virginia Bake or a guy named Jimmy. You would think that this would be a kid but from the sound of it- I believe he sounds to be in his mid to late 40's. I hate to change my number that I have had for years but just may have to....