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    1. Stacey says:

      This number has called me 3-4 times a day for the last week... there is never anyone on the other line.... its getting old FAST!

    2. Octavio says:

      I just answered my phone now, with the same number asking for my wife. Immediately i said she is not at home, the man hang up. What is going on?

    3. Brett says:

      sprint customer satisfaction survey

    4. Mitchell says:

      Do you have Caller ID? This is your first line of defense. If you see a name and/or number (or no number) that you recognize, do not pick up the call! If you do pick up, hang up immediately. If you should hear the message, and it tells you to press a button, hang up immediately. Then report the call to 800notes and the FCC DNC complaint site. The fewer calls you pick up, them more the robo-callers will think that your number is not a working number (I read that right here on 800notes.)

    5. Leigh says:

      saying it was a legel matter i was in big trouble

    6. Clarence says:

      I got the same call.  When I asked if this was actually Google they hung up.

    7. Anderson says:

      something along the lines of we really do iPad2 to giveaway. received at 9:10am April 2, according to ATT when I checked my account online. We have 3rd party blocking on our phones so we should not be receiving text messages like this.

    8. Tyrone says:

      Keeps calling bout auto loan even after I told them not interested

    9. Elijah says:

      Ordering a bunch of stuff under the name  Paul Day c/o Wadoye Lag seemed sort of odd to me given our b2b selling nature, so I Googled and found these listings.

    10. Ramiro says:

      The lady called my neighbor looking for me!  The neighbor delivered the phone message and I decided to check the number - must be a scam!  Thanks for the website.

    11. Gino says:

      theres no one there what do u wount

    12. Alphonso says:

      called me at work, once found out it was a business, hang up.

    13. Cristobal says:

      The name "Dee" was added to the number.

    14. Willian says:

      When I picked up no one answered. When I called back no signal.  It was my cell.  Looks like others have the same issue on their cells.

    15. Ernest says:

      I know who's number this is: (312) 224-9245