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    1. Royce says:

      Business. Pet store/groomer

    2. Carter says:

      Don't recognize the number. Probably spam since no voicemail was left.

    3. John says:

      It was a machine from out of town no given thid is not local

    4. Abdul says:

      I got the same msg yesterday, same number.. I went to the car show last year not this past Feb though

    5. Edgar says:

      Just had a kall from this number so weird it was a mexican guy not sure wat he wanted

    6. Kory says:

      Received this call on my cell phone. There was a short pause before the caller spoke up, as if it were a VoIP call being routed through Washington D.C. The caller spoke with a thick accent (probably caribbean or west African, although it could have been Indian), and from what I could make out, it was a scam offer to "recover" thousands of dollars from the US Government. At the end of her pitch, when I did not immediately respond, the caller disconnected.

    7. Claude says:

      You idiots. This IS bank of america. When suspicious activity happens on your card, they call to verify it - its an automated system. If you want to treat it as spam, you will end up with a deactivated card, since they assume it IS fraud.

    8. Damian says:

      Received a text that states: "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://theipad3.mobi and enter code BETA will Receive it!" ........if it's too good to be true.......!

    9. Jules says:

      A woman called this morning asking for my son, regarding "an important business matter". Caller ID listed "Laurel, MD" The woman spoke in barely understandable English. I told her if she truly had legitimate business with my son, they had his phone number, which has not changed in years. She had trouble responding to this in an understandable manner, but what I did get is that she wanted to give me a number to have my son call. I again reiterated that if she had legitimate business with him, they have his number and if they want him to call back they should leave a message.

    10. Orlando says:

      Received call stating there was a restraining order against me and that I or my lawyer needed to call 904-270-9922, within 24-48 Hrs. No one answers at either number, when I googled both numbers all blogs indicate these are scam calls.

    11. Mel says:

      this number just called my cell phone. don't know anyone from the area that it called from.

    12. Harrison says:

      Just got their text about ipad giveaways, fake

    13. Chong says:

      Text from number saying "As a Thank You for Your Visit, We have a 100 Dollar Gift Card for you Please Call 877-319-1470 Txt Stop to Remove"

    14. Lewis says:

      Have received several calls. Don't pick it up since I don't recognize, and they leave no message. They call about once every other week.

    15. Jayson says:

      I too got the same call from the 848-482-3826, said name is officer johnson calling from criminal investigation and had complaints against me. read ssn over the phone mind you and he has an accent.