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    1. Royce says:

      Business. Pet store/groomer

    2. Carter says:

      Don't recognize the number. Probably spam since no voicemail was left.

    3. John says:

      It was a machine from out of town no given thid is not local

    4. Abdul says:

      I got the same msg yesterday, same number.. I went to the car show last year not this past Feb though

    5. Orlando says:

      Received call stating there was a restraining order against me and that I or my lawyer needed to call 904-270-9922, within 24-48 Hrs. No one answers at either number, when I googled both numbers all blogs indicate these are scam calls.

    6. Mel says:

      this number just called my cell phone. don't know anyone from the area that it called from.

    7. Harrison says:

      Just got their text about ipad giveaways, fake

    8. Chong says:

      Text from number saying "As a Thank You for Your Visit, We have a 100 Dollar Gift Card for you Please Call 877-319-1470 Txt Stop to Remove"

    9. Lewis says:

      Have received several calls. Don't pick it up since I don't recognize, and they leave no message. They call about once every other week.

    10. Jayson says:

      I too got the same call from the 848-482-3826, said name is officer johnson calling from criminal investigation and had complaints against me. read ssn over the phone mind you and he has an accent.

    11. Carroll says:

      diddo, ngrod. is a TOTAL scam. when they called, they said they were collecting donations for Texas State Troopers and that i had previously donated and that there was a problem... not telemarketers, but CRIMINALS.

    12. Timmy says:

      It's June and they're still calling...they still leave no message.

    13. Jasper says:

      This number keeps showing up on my cell.  I don't know who they are or why they're calling me.  I just spoke to a Chris at their 800-955-7632 and he asked if I knew Issac?  Never heard of him...........  Will this end the persistent calling???

    14. Daniel says:

      Missed call - i.e. picked up and no reply. Don't know anyone on this number.

    15. Malik says:

      They are a phishing scam plain and simple. They change their caller ID on a whim and the callers are Indian or Arabic. According to Comcast, if you immediately dial *57 after hanging up with these idiots, it will show their true number. At that point file a complaint with the Attorney General. They are nasty, threatening, and relentless in the number of calls they make. After the 23rd (yes 23rd) time calling my number I decided to turn the tables and call them names, yell, it got pretty ugly. Made the guy pretty mad which made me smile. Then I filed a complaint and called Comcast. Idiot scammers!  Bottom line: give out NO personal information, do not fall for their scam, and FILE a complaint with the Attorney General!