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    1. Sal says:

      Spam.M & R Tile and Marble or Mark Resconich calling while drunk.

    2. Long says:

      This woman KEEPS calling my home in the middle of the night beginning at around 10pm and upwards of 2am. I've told her several times that she has the wrong number but she calls back again and again. I have had to turn my ringer off in order to get some sleep. She may be disturbed...but I don't know.

    3. Felton says:

      I've gotten a call every day from this number for 2 weeks. They called very late at night at first, but now call during the afternoon. They never leave a message and when I finally tried calling the number back, it was an automated message saying "the mailbox is full". This number needs to have a much higher spam score.

    4. Calvin says:

      I have asked them to stop calling me buy I continue to get calls daily.

    5. Huey says:

      Thanks, this is good to know. Great service 800notes!

    6. Albert says:

      I won a iPad. Thank you so much for it.

    7. Jeffery says:

      This # called me and left a message.. It was a voice recording named "bill" from wba saying I had won a target gift card if I did a survey... yada yada... Press one to talk to an agent.. I hung up.

    8. Herb says:

      11:50 28 Feb - another call from this number - same spiel - this is Kevin from the Ontario Business Development Office - are you moving - confirming address - etc.

    9. Geraldo says:

      Its an automated calling system that shows in your caller id as Nation One (mortgage company) It solicits mortgage loans via pre recorded message and asks to press 1 if you wish to speak to mortgage loan officer.

    10. Lindsey says:

      no answer, no one on other end when I answer

    11. Elvis says:

      I keep getting automated unsolicited voice mail calls from this number (prefixed with +91) atleast 4 to 5 times a day, at various times in the day and this is really taking on my nerves. I am not able to trace this call. Pl. help to block this call to my phone NO. 9886526255.

    12. Judson says:

      Got a call this morning from a man identifying himself as a representative for GE. He said that GE made my home alarm system and that he could offer me a discount on my monitoring maintenance charges.

    13. Austin says:

      Called stating that they are with a governmental agency that investigates fraud. Called themselves White Collar Crime Investigations however they asked me to send money by money gram to Weinberg, Cockran, Coulson and Irwin of Jacksonville, Florida. They are crooks trying to collect money by using terms like prosecution, state attorney, bank fraud, etc.

    14. Jonah says:

      they are a scam company im trying to take them to court for a thousand dollars they ask for the down payment you never get the money though they just have you sending the philipiens money ive been tryin to call them for 2 weeks now no answer

    15. Vincenzo says:

      Same as other reports.  Man with strong East Indian accent, kept calling me "ma'am", voice got louder and louder when I asked questions trying to figure out what was going on.  Lots of background noise, like a call centre.  Tried to tell me I had viruses in my Windows 7 computer.  Asked which computer, he said one with Windows 7.  I asked for his name and number ... Roger William (an E. Indian named Roger William?  Get real), 209-732-5452, said he was in Ottawa, Ontario.  He claimed it was valid, said I could trust it because my computer sent an id to his computer.  Fast talker ... don't trust them.