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    1. Alexander says:

      Received a call from an unknown number. The person said that they were calling from DFF and had a middle-eastern accent.  I recognized the pitch line and knew right away that it was a scam and hung up. He immediately called back and I rejected the call. A voicemail was left and I listened to the message. The message said to call 313-675-2296 right away or I would be in a big legal mess.

    2. Theodore says:

      I have received calls recently.

    3. Mark says:

      I just received a call from the 305-507-4732. The caller was Ivy who called to ask about a loan for Hattie Baldwin. Hattie provided Ivy with my home phone number. Ivy gave Hattie's email address as lueberry33@live.com. I am unsure if this is a real email address. We frequently get calls for Hattie but - best guess - seems to live in east Baltimore, MD near North Ave.

    4. Bart says:

      Used Call back option I hear music.

    5. Craig says:

      Scammers! Telemarketers. They call continuously and won't leave a message...just hang up. I believe my number was sold to them by insurance co after auto accident.

    6. Joshua says:

      Multiple calls for a home security system

    7. Roger says:

      Leaving messages for someone else.

    8. Douglass says:

      caller in florida on payphone, area code is atlanta though.

    9. Virgilio says:

      They were breathing hard and would not answer

    10. Tristan says:

      THIS TIME FOR $100. WALMART certificate. Told long ago: stop harrassing me...next contact will report to fed & state AGs & merchants your ruse pulls those who trust them and cannot protect selves & barely get by every month.Think this same that tried to convince me to accept free magProblem w device...finish later.Sorry & thanks.

    11. Brendon says:

      This number has been calling me every other day for the past week! The one time I did answer, the man would not tell me who he was, he just said he had a couple of "gifts" to give my boyfriend. I think this is a scam! The guy sounded really suspicious, and honestly like a COP. And, like the rest of you, they don't ever leave a messege. I called back and the recording said something like WorldMart? I don't know, if anyone has any new info. POst back. l8ter.

    12. Manuel says:

      claims to be a cancer victim support organization

    13. Benito says:

      The person calling & texting from this # is a crackhead transvestite. They also flood craigslist with fake ads. It calls itself Stephanie, one of the names at least. Beware

    14. Dominick says:

      Called once yesterday and no one spoke when i answered.

    15. Del says:

      They keep texting me spam websites.